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  • Amazon Customer - Best for US use.

    It did not last long on my key ring plastic is not very durable. Note that this does not use GPS and uses crowd sourcing so if you loose it some where in public it is essential that someone else who uses this product walks by your lost item to mark where it is. This might work in the states but doubtful overseas.

  • Steve Depena - Never Again!

    As a freelancer I need to keep track of my expenses and income, but I am really angry at Intuit for their business practices.

  • Jeanne E. Kasten - Fantastic results! depending on what you need it for

    A friend of mine that I bought this for is experiencing wonderful results from this, and is now taking nattokinase with it. His lungs are clearing after years of smoking, he can take deeper breaths than he could before. His esophageal strictures seem to be lessening, and his blood pressure has become normal after 30 years of high blood pressure.He's given up his bp meds because every time he checks it (frequently) it's in the normal range. He's really excited about it. Been taking it since mid-September.

  • Green Tea Learner - Moisture!!!!

    I been searching for years for a good product and like most women have spent an amount I wont even write about! This product makes my very complicated, honey brown, freckled, dry, oily, mature and acne prone skin look fabulous. I use this at night with the Ole Henrikson Vitamin C Booster serum and "Hope in a Jar with SPF (25)" in the morning. I am fighting the slowly coming parenthesis around my mouth. This has stemmed the tide!

  • Mad Mike - All hype no relief!

    Tried this product mainly because of the recommendation of Chuck Woolery and the money back guarantee. I did not get any more relief using this, in fact less relief than what I get from the Wal Mart muscle pain relief which costs $24.00 less. I am returning the empty bottle and will not use again. Sorry Chuck!

  • Ekonomik intalektual - Very good reference material

    If you want to learn from scratch, this may not be the best way. The writing is very dry, and without examples or your own heavy workload to give you many many many many hours of practice, a lot of his helpful tips and tricks won't help. If you're already excel savvy, get this book now. Skip chapters and sections everywhere, and learn all his cool tips. If you need to use Excel, get this book.

  • Wintermute - Not powerful enough to remove thinset with diamond cup attachment

    I bought this angle grinder to remove thinset and serve as a tile saw using the diamond cup and precision tile cutting blade from Dewalt. Unfortunately, after removing approximately 7 square feet of thinset mortar from the floor the motor slowed down and the tool started to smoke. The floor was wetted down and my wife had a vacuum on the grinding area to reduce dust, but these efforts did not stop the grinder from ingesting too much dust and burning up. The next model up in price has some dust abatement technology which makes it seem as though Dewalt is aware of the issue. I decided to purchase an 11 Amp Milwaukee 4.5 in angle grinder instead. The Milwaukee has a lot more power and can tolerate the dust unlike the Dewalt.