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  • Alfred the Beaver - Amazing

    We have a Boykin Spaniel who barks at everything, real or imagined. She also scratches constantly, unless she's chewing on her extremities. My wife thinks that the dog is allergic to a lot of things, and she may be, but my opinion was that much of her behavior was due to nerves, so I bought a Thundershirt in the hope that we could save money on special foods and laundry detergent. You cannot imagine our amazement when we put her in the shirt and watched her jump onto her blanket and fall immediately to sleep. In fact, she now sleeps through the night, giving all of us a better night's rest. If you even suspect that your dog's behavior is due to nervousness or hyperactivity, I strongly recommend trying the Thundershirt. The results just might amaze you too.

  • Yvette M - This product made me break out in a severe rash ...

    This product made me break out in a severe rash and when I tried to return it all I got was the phone representative trying to sell me other products. Then she tried to offer me half off to keep it- why would I keep something I'm allergic to? After the 4th time I lost it. This product is being offered as a risk free trial on TV- but if you keep it it was over $100 dollars the advertising is very deceiving and dishonest. You also have to pay to return it.

  • Candice M. - Good product

    I enjoy this product it works very well. I have very limited static and can pick up all radio stations clearly.

  • Amazon Customer - Must have for any dog owner

    This is a great product to catch up with your furry friend whilst you are out - see them, speak to them and give them a treat! High quality product would definately recommend!

  • J. Boyle - Works Quite Well

    I found that adding the Evolution Kit to be a very nice upgrade to an already excellent TV. Power on time is now just a couple of seconds. I have used it for months, it is without problem. I like the remote control that came with it. I was hoping that it would have improved quality for the Auto Motion Plus for some of my satellite channels and their programs, I don't see any improvement and still have to tweak for best results..