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Country:, Europe, BG

City: 25.6419 Oblast Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

  • Lisa K. - Good price but not that impressed.

    Not entirely impressed with it but it'll do. Overall great price; however, I had a few of issues with this mount. First being the bolts that came with it to mount the brackets to the back of the TV were too long even with the included spacers. Instead of using one spacer each on the top and bottom holes I just used both of them (on each side) on the top where there majority of the weight was. Second, with the screen attached the tilt just falls down and hangs there. I used the pins to keep it in place because otherwise it would simply tilt down all of the time. Kind of takes away the adjustability function. Third, there really isn't a lot of space behind the TV to adjust anything once you get it hung. In hindsight I probably should have bought one that has more directional functionality and that extended farther away from the wall in the event I needed to do anything behind the TV.

  • L. Bee - Soreness = working

    I am a female. This does work. It is not a gimmick. My muscles contract instantly and become sore after a session. After 1-2 months of use, I do not have 6 pack abs, but I do see top row ab formation and my core is stronger. I have less back pain while running and I believe it is from this.

  • Tha1one - Smile Brighter

    Since using this product my teeth have gone up 3 shades whiter. Its easy to use and the results are great!

  • SChow - text were nice and sharp

    First off this is the 2014 version of the beloved 32LN5300 (that I also have). Out of the box you will notice a much thinner bezel all around, and a sleek stand. I am using this side by side with the 2013 model (32LN5200) and it look is a much cleaner look than it's older brother.

  • A. Contreras - paying for a free pokemon?

    9.50 PLUS shipping to have a Free code emailed to me???? Way too much. Just join some Pokemon groups on Fb and get them for free.