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  • The Experimentalist - Software components will self-destruct in just 3 years

    I'm a 20-year user of Quicken, but only started using the bank-download feature when I got 2008. Quicken has a built-in self-destruct feature that shuts down the bank download capability at the end of April in the third year of the program's life. If you buy late in the cycle year, you'll get less than three years' use. When the download feature fails, you get a message saying that Quicken can't verify the bank. This is an outright lie, and a damaging one at that. If you don't know better, you'll think you've got corrupted software, and you need to roll your computer back to an earlier restore point. You may even call and complain to your bank. (The banks have to love Intuit.)

  • Amazon Customer - Doesn't give that awesome clean feeling

    Honestly, after using this several times I don't know that this was worth the cost. I have purchased other facial peels and I have always felt very fresh and clean after use. As with any facial peel product, it takes quite a bit of rinsing to get all of the residue off your face, but that is normal. After using this product my skin feels pretty much the same. I guess I was looking for more of a deep cleaning or exfoliating feeling - which may be my mistake with the purchase of this product if this is not what they are aiming for - but it is certainly not what I was expecting or particularly looking for.

  • Amazon Customer - Fun to use, but not cheap

    The Soda Stream machine is a lot of fun to use, making your own soda at home, but it has some substantial problems.

  • gwenna dews - I have nothing bad to say about this serum

    I have nothing bad to say about this serum. Its super light and I would guess work perfect on sensitive skin. Almost as light as water and leaves your skin feeling smooth and even, Goes well under a cream to lock in moisture. I would tell anyone about this product extra for those who don't like heavy or strong. I have to say that the bottle is beautiful the most pretty bottle I have seen ever. I will keep it just for looking at when its empty. I paid almost nothing to try it out how great is that.

  • Marilyn C. Wakefield - Best American Short Stories - 2010

    Compelling and interesting stories showing great details of our current culture in the United States.