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  • Rosalee Pringle - Burned liked the worst Sunburn

    I usually know better than to buy a product without research and reviews but I bought with blind faith. Not only did I waste my money, but these products actually burned my face so badly that I looked as if I had just had a chemical peel. It has now been over a week and I still have a bit of pain and the worst dryness. I purchased this skin treatment to prevent wrinkles, only to end up getting more.

  • Dave in Moab - Does everything it claims to, and more.

    I have had this for 9 months now, and it does everything it says it does. I have some 5 year old red and yellow top batteries I have been using as starter batteries for a Tacoma and a Tundra, and they have been abused prior to installing a solar system and backup batteries in both vehicles. The Tacoma battery was ruled "dead" by a local parts store after they had it in for a day of charging and testing. I put it on the Minder for two and a half weeks, and it has gone on for a whole 'nother field season, and I expect it to do so again this fall. Paid for itself right there. I have used it to resurrect a 6 year old Toyota Matrix battery as well- still using the original battery that came with that car, thanks to the battery minder.

  • Stephen Carter - ... a couple of weeks now and have nothing but good things to say

    I have been taking Myobuild for a couple of weeks now and have nothing but good things to say. Tastes great, no weird tingling like you get from other supplements. I have been stacking with a few other products and have been very pleased with the results. My recovery is much faster. I am lifting and pushing more weight. All of this combined makes me even more motivated to get me back in the box and kill it.

  • David - Give your toothbrush some help

    We've all been told since childhood that we have to brush our teeth and take several minutes doing it. If you also use a waterpik after you brush you only have to look in your sink after using it to see what your toothbrush missed. Don't set it for more pressure than you need to do the job. If it hurts, you could be damaging your gums.

  • trinakat - so I would recommend buying that as well

    If you get bumpy or itchy skin after you shave, this is the product you need. Use it as instructed and your skin will look less bumpy and feel less itchy. Just make sure to dry your skin before applying it, or else it'll sting a bit. I also have the Tend Skin roll-on applicator, so I use this bottle as a refill for that. The roll-on applicator is the easiest to use for application, so I would recommend buying that as well.

  • Robert E Gaff, Jr - Cutco Review

    For another two hundred dollars I could have had a real complete set of knives but I was unaware at the time.

  • Amazon Customer - this is a very thorough explanation of the operating system and seems to cover the subject rather extensively and in great detai

    This served as my introduction to Server operating systems in general, so there were times when it seemed to take for granted that I had experience in previous versions of Windows Server operating systems. This book is not for the non-techie, non-experienced individual unless you're willing to invest some time researching the concepts for yourself to supplement the book. With that said, this is a very thorough explanation of the operating system and seems to cover the subject rather extensively and in great detail. I'm glad I purchased the book, but couldn't have made it without some outside help.