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Country:, North America, US

City: -80.9091 North Carolina, United States

  • Tom Alexander - sounds are clear with the bass sounding good

    The sound quality is decent and i would rate it 4/5 compared to other earphones i have used previously however this is compared to rather large over ear headphones worth almost 10x these ones. The sounds are clear with the bass sounding good and strong but not overpowering the trebles. The sound was much better when i changed earbuds to a size more appropriate to my ear also.

  • Gracie - My favorite brand- I have like

    My favorite brand- I have like, 19 bottles of the stuff. Trumpeters leave bottles of oil all over the place.

  • Lindsey Y - LOVE it!

    Love this product it is perfect for keloids due to irritated piercings! Makes them practically go away overnight! I use it on all my piercings.

  • Marie - QB review

    Quickbooks works great. Can't say there is much that is that different from any other version. I have always been pleased with this product. It is nice to have the enhanced payroll and online chat help when I need it, since our business now has an employee.

  • Sires - Basic Filter that Helps with Water Taste and Lowers my Use of Bottled Water.

    Easy to install on basic kitchen faucet. I ordered this mainly to improve the taste of our city water. I've been buying bottled water to drink because of the taste and now I can stop feeling guilty about all the plastic in the recycling.