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  • Gabriella Centers - FRAMEWORK error!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I ordered the CD version and it would not install. It keeps giving me a "FRAMEWORK" error. So I am returning it. I purchased the download version and it is doing the same thing. I am unclear how I can get that refunded so I can try a different program. VERY FRUSTRATING!!

  • AuburnFan30 - Best Game On Market

    Got the entire game. I have a 42 mbps download speed and the game took about 4 hours to download. Well worth the wait! Came with 5,000 pre-ordered VC. 2k always seems to amaze us!! Well worth the money!

  • Sean M. Good - I would not recommend Avast any longer because of the scare tactics they ...

    I have been an Avast user for years and was using it on multiple computers until today. I bought two new laptops running Windows 8.1 and installed Avast Premier on both computers. Immediately after the installation of the new 2015 engine, I was no longer able to access any secure webpages (HTTPS) using Firefox because a message would pop up stating the certificates were not valid. I would also get a similar message using Google Crome. These were normal webpages such as cox webmail. I worked with the Acer technical support personnel and they were finally able to find that Avast was using a secure site scanner and once it was unchecked in the menu, sites came up until the next day. I spoke with the Avast technical support that took control of the computer remotely and run a tool that showed two separate anti-virus programs running. This was not the case because I had already removed the other anti-virus program that came with the laptop. He proceeded to tell me that the Windows Defender program was causing all of the issues and I would need to speak with their advanced technical support team. This new level of technical support/maintenance was going to cost an additional $179.00 a year after I had already purchased the Premier version.