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  • Bookyreader - Somewhat flakey

    I got this with a student discount or I wouldn't have got it. The Notebook view is an attempt to work like MS OneNote. Not bad. I agree with the previous reviewers about all the strange menus. My main problem is it is still unstable. For example, be very careful about trying to change the font color from the ribbon. It locks up my whole computer for several minutes. Sometimes it comes back and sometimes not. Changing color with Format...Font works OK.

  • 12crissy - DEATH BEARS

    I was like a gas godzill on a mission to blow holes through my pants, I bought these and ate them through out a moive and by the end of the movie i was running to the bathroom thinking i was going to die only to find out I have the worst gas of my life and it would not stop for 4-6 hours straight.

  • Country Boy - Give Me Liberty - My Liberator

    A Friend of Medjugorje does it again! This time he has revealed the plans of evil against our nation, how to fight against those forces, and most importantly, how to WIN! Its amazing that we can have such an influence in what happens in the future and that much of the solution to our national problems lies right in our own community. This book takes you on a roller coaster ride from extremes of no hope for the future to confidence that good will prevail. God be with us.

  • IvoryTear - NICE!!!

    I really like this pepper grinder. I do not use it for pepper though. I use it for pink Himalayan salt. It works greatI I love the one handed feature. It us super easy to fill at the top of the handle and holds more than it looks like it would. No mess. It grinds the salt down really fine and the adjustment (of how fine or coarse) you set it at stays. it doesn't slip as you use the grinder. I have had others that would get more coarse as you use it. Great Product! I want another for pepper now! lol

  • rconway - Great product, but not in this flavor. Buy the chocolate instead.

    This is not Chai flavored. It is cinnamon flavored. If you like the idea of chugging a tall glass of milk mixed with gritty cinnamon, then this flavor is for you. Otherwise, skip this one (and the others) and stick to the chocolate. That one is delicious.