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  • MrTimmy - Fear and trepidation, but no disaster

    I've watched Quicken reviews for 2 years now and they've terrified me. I feel like there are many factors surrounding the large number of negative, mediocre, and positive comments.

  • Natalie - Love the results a must try!

    I am definitely a gym junkie and very picky with both my diet and supplements I take. I've tried a lot of different products all of which had harmful/bad ingredients and didn't necessarily show me the results I wanted. Right from the start, Natureburn had me feeling a lot more energized and motivated which has shown me results a lot faster then expected. I'm happy mostly because of the quality of ingredients and the nutrients that supports my diet and fitness goals 💪🏼 For those of you who eat healthy and natural foods, this supplement is an extra boost of nutrients you don't wanna to miss.

  • Amazon Customer - Switch broke when I was testing connections

    Wire harness was not the issue for the 2 stars. When I was testing unit with connections everything looked great but when I tried to disconnect wire plug from switch the metal contact switch broke off the switch. Luckly I had bought a secondary round switch in case this one was not going to fit. If it wasn't for this I would have left a 5 star review.

  • Good shopper - It's a winner

    This book is a winner. I love the stories in it. They inspired me to sleep grounded and I have had sounder and deeper sleep ever since. I also experienced a surprising reduction in pain in my foot after surgery and faster healing. My sense of smell vastly improved and I wasn't even aware it was deficient.

  • J. Vedda Jr. - Happy Book Owner

    This book was in better condition than I expected given the price. I feel that I got a good deal and would gladly do business with this seller again.

  • Kassie - Disappointed

    I think this toy was a disappointment. First off, it was extremely difficult to put together. The instructions were not very organized and the pieces very small to handle. It took a very long time to put together. Once it was completed, it was very dull. My son enjoyed it, but for a very short time before he was bored with it. It does not do much other than shake back and forth. I expected it to move which it does not do. Overall, I was unsatisfied with the product. I received this product for free as part of a promotion from Spin Master. Glad it was free since I would have been even more upset had I paid the retail price for this product.

  • Melinda - Worth the money

    Not the cheapest hose I've ever bought (Hint: buy in the off season when the price goes down) but certainly the best. I was so happy with the first one, I bought another one and gave away my old, cheap hoses. I have a 150 foot lot, and now when I drag hoses around, they don't get kinked up every five steps.