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City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Flys With Van Keys - Poor decisions buttressed by Poor grammar

    I want to address the author's losing battle with the English language - I hope he puts more time and effort into his preflight preparation than he put into the creation of this poorly written piece of trash.

  • sarah navarro - Overdose

    This is way too much Biotin! After about 2 weeks of taking a full capsule, my skin started to break out, my breasts were extremely tender, and I noticed no change in my hair or nails. Think this was just my period symptoms at first, the symptoms persisted for more than 3 weeks; I couldn't take it anymore. The acne had spread to my chest, as well as my back. After reading about similar problems online, I read about some suggestions of cutting the pill in half, or even fourths. I tried cutting down to halves, and the problems still persisted for atleast two more weeks. A fourth of the pill produced the same results. I was done at this point and found another supplement with only 50mcg, and have noticed a significant difference in my skin, hair, and nail growth. Be very careful with this high dose.

  • Chris - Not too happy with the mount

    I bought this based on the glowing reviews for this mount, however I'm not too happy with the mount. The first problem is the instructions ask you to drill a 7/32 hole for the lag bolts however the lag bolts that were included in my kit were too small for the 7/32 hole and one of them stripped out completely. I had to drop the mount down a few inches and redrill smaller holes and the lag bolts grabbed perfectly. The second issue I encountered was the instructions tell you to use washers when mounting the plate to the back of the TV. The only washers that would fit are used when you mount the arm to the wall, this lead to a trip to the hardware store for the correct washers. I have one of their tilt wall mounts also and it is awesome, but this kit I do not recommend. This mount is no where near as stable and the TV seems to bounce for a long while after you touch it.

  • Amazon Customer - Great

    I'm so glad my favorite seal team is back. Thank you Susan. We get a look at hell week and more quality time with Ben .on not much of a reviewer but I love these books. Izzy you do k

  • Brad Young - Beautiful Game. Runs Smooth

    Beautiful Game. Runs Smooth. Looks Amazing. Great step in the right direction from Star Wars Battlefront. NOW LETS GO KICK SOME GERMAN BUTT. (No Offense To Modern Germans)

  • laltomar - No apple pencil holder but correct part number

    I was sent product MM627 however it has no Apple Pencil holder. It appears to be the correct part number to the case that supports the Apple pencil holder. I don't know if this was just mis-marked or the product description is just wrong. Either way, back it goes.

  • Kindle Customer - You get what you pay for.

    These floor mats are a great investment for your vehicle. I bought these mats for my 2016 Tacoma Double Cable, and the fit great.