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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • L. Williams - Natural Healing at its best!

    I purchased some Black Seed oil about two months ago from another unknown manufacturer. I wasn't sure of its taste or health benefits at the time so I only got 4oz of it to share with my husband. The taste was super astringent. I couldn't stand it so I stopped taking it.

  • Timothy Robert Hitt - Great multi

    Had some of this a while back. Liked it a lot pills are not bulky or bitter going down. Great ingredients and dosing as well.


    Okay so im 18 ans just recent started getting mild to severe acne all over my face. Mainly my cheeks and chin. I started getting dark spots all over my face for picking at my pimples. I tried over the counter treatments i tried spot treatments and though they they vanish SOME pimples more and more and more just kept appearing i was extremely depressed . I decided to try this product!!!!!!!! At first i noticed a difference i was breaking out alot less my pimples would dry out and eventually leave. BUT my skin gets tooooooooooooooooo oily. Its disgusting. I dont know why but instead of over drying like some people says it does it just makes my face ao greasy though my face is clearing up having greasy face is so embarrassing and makes my face look so unhealthy idk what to do. Im afraid if i stop using this product my breakouts will begin again but i need to keep this oil under control. I reccommend this product to people who do not have such oily skin, it works!!!! REMEMBER TO ALWAYS USE SUNSCREEN if you do not use sunscreen your fAce will itch and burn

  • Haily Radnor - Great Ball

    Great all around indoor ball. The grip allows me to set the ball fairly descent; additionally I can get a really good standing floater serve in. The only thing that concerns me is that I do have to check the PSI before every use. It does seem to require some air more often than not; but then again this is my first ball I've ever purchased so I don't know if all balls require that or not. Either way, this is my go to ball.

  • Anna - What amazing mop!

    I have had tons of mops before i bought this one. I have a few reasons why I enjoy this one so much! 1. You can wash the mop heads in washer after every us. 2. It seems to get my floors so clean. 3. This is by far the best mop I have ever gotten. I do suggest buying a couple extra mop heads.

  • J. Oliver - Another Strike Out

    I picked up this product at a store that I work at and was pretty excited to try something that might actually work. See, I have razor and ingrown hairs all over my legs and being a girl.... well lets just say it not nice to the touch. I've just used up my first bottle. I still have dark spots, none of that improved (perhaps it would work better on the face?). It helped my ingrown hairs some, however I still had a significant amount. I've so far tried everything from AHA to glycolic on my legs after I've shaved and so far no luck. I've just ordered tend skin... so I have my fingers crossed.