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  • Kyliep60 - Does not work

    When you open microsoft office for mac box have a card with a pin to type into microsoft office website and in turn it gives you your product key. Well, when I type in the pin it says product has not been activated contact the store you purchased office from. Calling microsoft office support tomorrow to see if they can help.

  • Esar - Helpfull!

    All Kaplan GRE books are pretty helpful in preparing for the exam, but the thing is this is not the kind of book you start reading from the first page and go page by page to the last page. It is important to know how to go from one question on one page to another question on a different page maybe and that's what Kaplan teaches in its GRE classes. You won't need the classes though if you can figure out how to use the book for working on your weaknesses in GRE. This book in addition to verbal and math Kaplan books helped me a lot to improve my scores in GRE.

  • alankhorst - It's a pretty strict cleanse diet, but works

    It's a pretty strict cleanse wheat, no dairy, no meat, no coffee, no alcohol or tobacco for 3 weeks. Nothing but organic vegetables and foods. That said, if you follow it strictly for that time, it works as long as you combine it with regular exercise. You should also use the whey protein supplement for your shakes in order to get the protein you need. The first time I did it, I lost 20 pounds. I've done this cleanse almost every year for about 6 years, and I've lost an average of about 10-12 pounds since the first cleanse. The problem is, I've gained the weight back each time...and sometimes, a little more. It's not a weight loss plan, unless you continue to keep a healthy diet and exercise regime after the cleanse, which I've not done very well. It's a good way to cleanse your body of toxins periodically on the way to a healthier lifestyle.

  • dc1976 - Brush motor broke after week and a half

    Purchased this less than 2 weeks ago and have used it almost every day since purchase. As a mother with 3 small kids, I was excited at how wonderfully it picked up food messes ground into the floor and was able to sweep up Cheerios and dirt tracked in from outside. However, last night, the motor that turns the sweeper brush stopped working. I opened it up to see if the belt was off track or if it had broken. When that looked fine, I determined that the motor wasn't turning the belt. When I called Bissell customer service, I was initially told this machine didn't even have a belt which was obviously wrong since I was staring directly at the belt. After 10 or so minutes arguing with the lady about this, she finally said that I would have to take it to a service department to have it looked at so they could determine what was wrong with it. The reason I bought this from Amazon was to save me a trip to the store to purchase it since going anywhere with small kids is not an easy task. I spoke to a manager who also would not budge on this, so I ended up throwing it in the trash. I am not going to take a half day of driving around DC traffic with 3 small kids to get a brand new machine serviced. Short of Bissell sending a new machine to me, there is no other option in my book to resolve an issue with a product less than 30 days old. I will never buy another Bissell product again because of their customer service.

  • Amazon Customer - Married in the 80's to Burt Bacharach a complex but brilliant composer and a icon of the sixties with Hal ...

    Carole Bayer Sager lived in an era where she met and wrote with the who's, who of music from the late sixties to the present day. From Dylan to Jackson. Married in the 80's to Burt Bacharach a complex but brilliant composer and a icon of the sixties with Hal David he found a new partnership with Carole who brought her relevant writing savy to get Bacharach to reach out again to relevant pop culture, with "Arthur", "Thats what friends are for" and another 25+ songs while they where married. Carole has brought a honesty and openness to her life in this book that I believe we should all admire and something we can all learn from. Her insight and observations of some of the great names in popular music culture from the sixties to present day give us the public valuable background and context to the era.

  • Amazon Customer - Didn't work

    I had high expectations for this product because of the ratings but it didn't work. I cleared EVERYTHING out of the room too. I ended up getting a different brand spray and it worked great

  • Hadley J. Harris - Great stroller

    Quality stroller, well-made. Straps keeps child secure (unlike previous stroller--Bugaboo Cameleon--we owned). Wheels are a bit wide but we'll get used to the wider base. Love storage underneath. One complaint is the cupholder; poorly made and designed option, as it sticks out wider than the stroller so bumps in to things. Would highly recommend.