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  • Amazon Customer - I hate making trips to the bank to get new registers ...

    I hate making trips to the bank to get new registers even though they are free the bank is super stingy and only give you a couple. I am a shopper and need to keep track of what I spend. Having these available to ship to my home makes my hectic schedule and money management way more convenient.

  • Robb Griffin - Works great, but a little messy.

    This product does leave your teeth feeling super clean and will probably help with stains with continued use. However, it's really messy to use. Very fine powder that goes every where if your not careful. I recommend brushing your teeth in the shower. It also takes a lot of rinsing to get all the grit out.

  • mountainmaid - Loved it for a while

    The Nutribullet is easy to use and does a terrific job of pureeing fruit and vegetables, as long as they're not frozen hard. However, as several other reviewers said, it leaks. And, since there is no way to get into the motor, there is no way to clean up what runs down into the motor. I did find a way to keep the leak from being a problem. I ran it for less than a second at a time, taking off the cup each time and checking around edge to see if it's leaking yet. That way, I got a good puree after about half a dozen runs at a fraction of a second and I could clean up a leak before it got into the motor. However, it seems to have worn the Nutribullet out much more quickly. After only about 3 months, it won't run at all any more so it's out in the trash now. It's too bad because it really did a better job of pureeing my smoothies than my blender does.

  • S. Marsh - Best Christmas Present! Fun and sturdy.

    What a FUN tablet for kids! I am a loyal LeapFrog customer - my oldest daughter started with the "My First LeapPad," then moved on to the Learning Explorer Tablet, then the handheld Leapster. When my six year old saw this advertised at Target, she began begging for it for Christmas right away. I was hesitant at first - the price is double what I've spent on these devices in the past. After reading many reviews here and on other sites, we went for it. She was thrilled on Christmas morning! I did set it all up before I gave it to her after reading the reviews about how in-depth and long the set up process can be. I didn't think it was bad at all! I had the tablet up and running in 30 minutes with all the free downloads plus a couple others I purchased. I have an OLD computer and it didn't take me too long at all. Some games did take up to 5 or 10 minutes to download, but I don't think that is excessive.

  • A. Jimenez - Helps a lot with cravings

    I had try differents proteins power over the years. I really like this protein, it had helps me reduce my sweet teeth cravings, feel less hungry during the day and the best, it taste delicious just with water, not milk so less FAT intake.

  • Russ Anderson - A six foot loop of just small wire can work better, use like old round UHF loop

    Total scam, rip off, misleading, completely impossible for the majority of homes. You must be about 5 mils from TV transmission tower. A six foot loop of just small wire can work better, use like old round UHF loop..... Google "home made TV antenna" save your money.