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  • Jermaine B. - Best POWER STEERING Stop Leak!!!

    I only wish I discovered this product sooner. It definitely saved me $100's of dollars. I first discovered that I had leak back in December when I started hearing whining noises coming from my car. I went to pep boys and they had a special on Bar Leaks power steering stop leak that was 2 for $5. I went through both of those bottles in about 1 month and they didn't stop the leak.

  • Eric U. - Thrown over the wall

    I appreciate the scope of the Almond+ project. When Securifi works out the kinks, it should be a compelling product.

  • Stephen Valente - Perfect Transaction

    Product received as advertised. Easy to install. Ready to receive updates. Works perfect. Great value! Will try a get this next year. Great savings over in store purchase price.

  • musicmama - About to replace the one I lost

    I can personally attest to the Pliko P3's good quality, especially compared to the 3 strollers we bought that broke during the year before we invested in this one. I'm shopping for a second one after accidentally leaving our first one behind while traveling cross-country. I had secretly wanted to replace the original after 4 yrs, but only because it was getting a little dingy. The entire thing was in great shape! It was on it's third child, and had been used a min. of 3 times a week straight from the day I put it together to the day we lost it. It went to France and survived airline abuse when it was 3yrs. w/o any issues. It spent most of the time in our trunk or the back of our van where it was jostled about and subjected to the extreme heat of summers in the desert. The only minor issue I should mention is that the wheels squeaked.

  • Norma McL - No pain, no gain

    I upped my dosage and have had to pull back some; I recognize the Herxheimer effect when I see it, and I need to be less eager to increase the dosage. That isn't bad news; it's just the way things go when your body is evacuating the bad stuff that you're taking serrapeptase to rid yourself of. I've pulled back from three tablets once or twice a day to one twice a day.

  • Kevin Flottmeyer - Awesome Remote

    I had reservations on whether this remote was going to work for my 2009 Toyota Tacoma truck. Reading the other reviews I could see some people were having problems with programming the remote.