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  • Kenneth C. Utt - Amazon downloads

    The download was a pain. Once the download was completed, everything was fine. Next time I will opt for the disk being mailed.

  • Terryoke - Excellent multivitamin for teenagers

    Let's just say that I don't think it is a coincidence that neither one of my teenage boys has gotten sick yet this year. Since we switched to these vitamins I have noticed a lot of little healthy changes in the boys' digestive systems as well as clearer skin, faster growing hair and nails, and overall health and mood.

  • Barbara McKinney - Excellent!

    I am so bless to have this book in my hands. Thank God for Dr. Llaila Afrika. My health is getting better.

  • Janet - Best mouse pad/mat out there, but ...

    Make sure you're getting the right one. I've ordered several of these mouse pads for our office over the past year, but just recently we received a different style with a wrist rest bump which we don't like. I emailed HandStands directly to inquire about it and was told that they changed the design. The one without the wrist rest is ASIN B00012H6H70, which is what is currently listed in the product description on Amazon, but the item we received was ASIN B007MJ9PQ2. Apparently, Amazon hasn't been monitoring inventory carefully and is sending out the wrong one. HandStands is still making the older version w/o the wrist rest, because so many consumers still want it and have given feedback like I did. If you like this Ergo-mat, I suggest you do the same to ensure that it continues to be available. Those of us with wrist discomfort prefer the non-wrist rest design.

  • cheri - a wolf shifter who rates at the top of the womanizing scale

    Roi Majors is second in control of the I-Ops, hard to tell by his show of respect or lack there of, a wolf shifter who rates at the top of the womanizing scale. He is still convinced he never wants to settle when he meets up again with the woman he recently kidnapped to protect.