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  • Robert D O'Reilly - It might work. Or not.

    I took a chance and tried this product. Although it didn't work for my pool, that is the way stop leak products are. Sometimes they save the day. Other times, you have to replace or repair the leak with conventional methods. What this product did, was let me move on beyond the quick fix and start strategy on how to deal with the leak in my fiberglass 10 year old pool. The product has too many success stories to discount it completely. I would suggest trying this before paying big bucks or getting out the shovel.

  • Vin Z - Nice, but there are better

    It really could use a display that is always on (you have to tap it for it to show what percentage (each LED represents 20%) of your daily step goal you have achieved). Also, it occasionally goes into "Sleep" mode when shaken vigorously when drying hands after washing, but is easy to recover to normal mode. Charging it every 5 days is a pain since you may be out and about when it quits due to low battery. The iPhone app and PC software with activity tracker are great. Subsequently, I bought a Garmin Vivofit which combines pedometer, heart monitor (with strap) since I do a lot of stationary bike work with no arm movement, and watch into one device with a continuous digital display and year long battery life. I like it better. I gave the Fitbit to my wife to try.

  • Kimberly Shaffer - awesome

    We purchased this for a 2008 Jeep Wrangler which we did a list on as well as new tires & wheels all the products that we use was ordered off of Amazon also what this unit does this help stabilize your steering on your Jeep we tried driving the Jeep with the left first but was not stable and had the Jeep wobble is everybody knows after installing this the Jeep drives like new love the product will buy again great great product

  • Richard Bischof - Toe nail fungus

    The first time I ordered this item was in March of 2011. After (3) weeks of use I did see some improvement. I ordered a second kit. After (3) more weeks of use, the condition hasn't changed.

  • Jesse W. Lucas, Jr. - OEM keycards from some sellers

    I've purchased several of these based upon a search for Microsoft part number 269-16094, which is Office Pro 2013, Retail Package. Unfortunately four of the last six received have been an OEM keycard in a cardboard mailer. Which is not the same thing.

  • Kate - Buyer BEWARE!

    I did not order this product from Amazon, but from Dr Foster and Smith. After researching flea/tick remedies, the Seresto collar seemed like a great option here in Northern Wisconsin. We have two dogs, a 5 year Keeshond and and a 14 week old German Shepard. I received the collars in the mail today and put them on the dogs right away as we are having an early spring and ticks are a big problem here. About 3 hours later, I took my puppy out for her daily walk/run and within 10 minutes she was hacking/coughing like she was trying to vomit something up. She has NEVER done that before and I immediately thought of the collar that I had put on. We watch our puppy like a hawk, and I knew she had not gotten into anything prior to or on the walk. I then started searching for Seresto side effects, and was initially unable to find any problems related to the collar. After digging deeper and reading different pet forums I was shocked to see that many pet parents have had their dogs DIE after using this collar. Maybe it is all circumstantial evidence, but our puppy was clearly having respiratory issues within 3 hours of wearing the collar. Needless to say, the collars are off both dogs and I will be contacting Dr Foster and Smith as well as Bayer to report our experience and get a refund (which I highly doubt will happen). I don't think Bayer is upfront with reported side effects with consumers so BUYER BEWARE, this is a relatively new product and in my opinion, NOT WORTH THE RISK. I don't say this lightly as our Keeshond was diagnosed with Anaplasma two years ago, so we are hyper-vigilent about tick medicine (and thankfully she fully recovered from the anaplasma). We will have to go back to what we used last year which was a Scalibur collar and Frontline.