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  • Capt RB - Nice!

    Looks good...paid my dealer 25 bucks to get them on! I didn't want to wrestle with them. They look very nice OEM along with the chrome sills. Shipped fast from seller, so no worries. Loving the 2012 Overland so far!

  • Santon H. Craig - Don't touch this without having made a couple backups

    I tried this latest 2014 version as a tax consultant said that the Quicken 2014 version handles options properly.

  • Kevin Gilmore - I've been a very satisfied Garmin user and customer until now with the purchase ...

    I own 5 Garmin devices: an Edge 305, Edge 705, a Forerunner 235, an Approach S6 and now an Edge 820. I've been a very satisfied Garmin user and customer until now with the purchase of my Edge 820. I do a lot of cycling and tracking my efforts on the bike is something I enjoy doing to gauge my fitness. My Edge 705 has done a superb job of that for the 7.5 years I've been using it but I felt it was time to upgrade because surely an Edge 820 will have even more fun ways of motivating me out on the road or on the trails -- and it does. But what it doesn't do is something I wasn't expecting: it comes woefully short of tracking my distance on the trails in wooded areas. My Edge 705 is a much superior unit in this regard.

  • Johann Erik Gonzalez - Works great with Windows 8 Pro

    Downloaded the installer for Antivirus 2013 to update my current active subscription and installed in my Windows 8 Pro laptop. Works great! I don't know why some reviewers have problems in Windows 8... perhaps the built in software was not disabled? Either that or there's an existing virus on the system preventing the antivirus to work properly.

  • Lars A. Selen - Microsoft still as arrogant as ever.

    I beta tested Office 2010 for 60 days. As a registered tester, I had expected to get some little warning that the testing period was about to expire. Not so! One Sunday afternoon, all of a sudden, I was SOL, with no email or much of anything else for that matter. After realizing what had happened, I turned to buy the now released version. Close to $500! No upgrade pricing! Forget it! I am back to Office 2007 and shall stay there for as long as I can.