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  • D. Janicek - Poor performance =(

    I used the Remington Light Pro, Professional IPL Hair Removal System two times and the light cartridge is already dead. I hope that is not the normal life span of the cartridge, if so... it was very poor.

  • Amazon Customer - marie Claire

    I really liked it on my kindle I could see everything clearly and bright looking at magazine on it is amazing you should try one I love it.

  • keith - Biltong Flavored jerky bits.

    I really enjoy biltong South-African sorta beef jerky. However it normally has a higher moisture content than beef jerky and is made in large pieces, not usually smaller than an index card. Brooklyn Biltong got the taste pretty spot on, Vinegar and coriander being the most traditional seasonings needed outside of salt. Where they do deliver a basic biltong taste this product is extra dry. To the degree that it crumbles when you go to eat it. and the pieces are small. 1cm*1/2cm*6cm apx. Both of these factors mixed with the price / actually having shipping charges means I won't get this again. This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

  • Gene McFalls - entertaining, funny and interesting

    My ten year old read this book to me and we both enjoyed the experience...the twists and turns...made this both an exciting and enjoyable read...we laughed our way thru this story...thank you...Melanie marks.

  • blondie - Nothing SLOW about this COOKER

    I am presently making Sunday dinner in this slow cooker. Three pounds of grass-fed corned beef, carrots, new potatoes, onions and celery with lots of garlic. I started the beef last night because it was frozen and let it cook, with water, overnight. When I got up this morning the pot was bubbling away on the "low heat" setting. I added the vegetables thinking that the boiling would slow down with the addition of the extra food, and it did for a while. But a half hour later the whole pot was boiling away again. Now this is a full pot of food, maybe an inch or two down from the rim, and I say that because I know it can make a difference in how a slow cooker heats the food if it is only half full. Being concerned that the food was boiling and not slow cooking and thinking that maybe there was something wrong with the controls, I switched the setting to "high heat". Ten minutes later it continued to boil. No discernible difference. So then I switched to the "keep warm" setting, came back to check a half hour later and it was STILL boiling. I had to turn the unit off or end up serving overcooked food.

  • Theresa Frank - great machine

    This is the first machine I got from Amazon. I checked out prices at the stores and found that Amazon was a lot cheaper. I received it in the time that was stated and set it up and was sewing within 20 mins. I have been sewing for over 30 year and sewing all kinds of things, kids clothes, clothes for myself and other adults and house hold items. This is the machine to get, am thinking of ordering another one, just for back up. If you are looking for a machine to replace the one you have or thinking of getting one to start out...this is the one.