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  • Lisa L. Lobao - So Shameless!!!

    I just love this show!!! Waiting to see what we get into this season and how shameless there all going to be!!

  • Amazon Customer - Misleading product details

    The camera has no infrared lights, hence can't record at dark, while it's written in the description that it supports recording at dark.

  • Professional Mom - for the muddy driver

    my son's truck came with those lovely carpet floor mats and he struggled unsuccessfully to keep them clean. These are what he needed all along.

  • Julie Robbins - It's all a matter of perspective!

    This cute and clever book contains valuable messages about how we see ourselves and others. With adorable illustrations and the right dose of humor, this book offers something to readers of all ages. You are (Not) Small is now one of my "go to" gift books for children.

  • Amazon Customer - Support not vailable

    I have been using Kaspersky Internet Security for many years and was very happy with it. I had 2012 version on my Windows 7 computer. HOWEVER when I have purchased KIS 2013 and tried to update license # using the one in 2013 package, it had me enter this license 3 time saying that the # is invalid and when I have uninstalled 2012 and installed 2013 version and tried to enter it again it told me that this license had been used. Before trying to apply it on my Windows 7 computer I have tried to install in on my other computer that runs Windows 8, the box said that this version is Windows 8 compatible, however I have ran into version compatibility issues. When I tried to contact Kaspersky, there was no good phone number to reach them. When I sent an email to Kaspersky support I got automated reply that for this you need to go to this link, for that to that one, I think it had 6 -8 links in total, the best part was – when I went to those links they were INVALID.

  • montana_gal - Good product

    Have used these facial firming pads for a few years now and love how they make my face feel at the end of the day.

  • Deb Granell - Stubby Antenna for Ford Explorer

    Perfect, actually our 2nd one the first one either someone took or it fell off need to make sure it doesn't loosen