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  • C. Gouker - How much red do you really have?

    If you have allergy/medical level redness, this is just another foundation. Only very expensive and in a tiny jar. I have major redness. Like true crayon-red, tomato, sunburn face. I manage this in many ways. However, this was not some miracle product for a person with my level red. My redness still shows through, but reduced. If you have my level red you need a green based primer or corrector, not a neutral one like this. This has a thick consistency, is true neutral not too pink or too yellow. A little does go a long way, but if I still need to put on a foundation, for my amount of red this is not cost effective. Try Revlon Colorstay Whipped with Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base under it. Also this product is much cheaper on the IT cosmetics website. I think if you have average red, go for it, a jar could last you forever. Great ingredients and has a dry texture, if you are oily. You're gonna need some powder over it if you want it to last more like a foundation. Especially if you have the kind of redness that most other people can't understand. Edited to clarify: I should say this is not a foundation, as it does not last the day. This is a corrector for mild to average redness. I don't notice it performing any better than a good concealer at hiding freckles/spots/scars. Start with a tiny amount because this will give you cakey skin fast. I use Real Techniques expert face brush, start at outside (reddest area) of my face and blend inward. Finish with a setting spray after powdering to help with the dry appearance. Does apply nicely over my SPF.

  • Susan B. - THIS SH!T WORKS!!!! Thank God!

    9/1/14 So far so good. It seems promising. I have been suffering from bad breath ever since I found I out I had Cancer in my throat area. And since the surgery and subsequent radiation treatment, I have developed tonsil stones that I could NOT get rid of on any long term basis. After searching and searching, I finally found out about this and it seems to be working well. I have only been using it for two days but so far so good. My biggest critic is my 6yr old and he says my breath smells like toothpaste now. The first night I used it, I could taste the bad breath from my throat trying to break through but in just a few seconds, whatever is in this kept fighting it and keeping the taste away. And it is true, you will not have morning breath. This works for at least 12-hours at a time. Thank you Dr. Katz. I bought mine from Wal-Mart for $7.67. I noticed the toothpaste was the same price but I didn't buy it. I am using baking soda for toothpaste and a spoon for a tongue scraper. I have been using salt-water as a pre-rinse before brushing. I will be stopping this soon and see how just flossing, brushing and rinsing with this works.

  • Fracture - The sole is comfortable yet firm

    Ordered a size 47 and fit my US 12 foot perfectly, though the securing straps seem to be targeted for a much wider foot.

  • Amazon Customer - Five Stars

    Probably the best version of PES I've played. The physics engine is much better than previous editions.

  • Olga Bacher - Great Cough Relief

    This product helped me to get rid of my very persistent cough that I got as part of a flu like infection. It works so simple (essential oils absorbed through the intestines sooth the mucous membranes from the inside) and is completely natural. I just love it.