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  • Courtney Martinez - Love it.

    Love it. I have thin! Easily managed hair. Just needed a quicker way to straighten it as I constantly have it in a bun. It's quicker than my straightener, and easily gets the back of my hair too.

  • Eric C. Gutierrez - So I was pleased to find it about 25% less here

    I have purchased this product previously at a higher price inside a cosmetic shop within dermatology practice in a medical center. So I was pleased to find it about 25% less here. It is a good product, but it stings my eyes a bit as it creeps in by the end of the day, so I try to apply it a little farther from the eye.

  • Amazon Customer - I've never been Happier with a Virus Program

    I changed to Avast because the Virus Protection program that I was using for many years, screwed my computer up so badly that it took a repair man many hours to figure out what was wrong and to fix my computers. About two weeks after my computers locked up I saw a comment in the News Paper explaining that the (Blank) Company had, had a problem. I am still angry because they didn't apologize (well they sort of mumbled in a letter they sent out a long time afterwards, reminded me of a 6 year old boy refusing to take responabilty). I feel/felt they owed me and others a real apology (and I think I deserved pain and suffering, plus the cost of the repairman). I have Avast on all of my devices and my daughter put it on all of hers. We have had Virus Protection from one or the other of the top rated Virus Protection Programs since it came out. We purchased our first computers in the late 80's (which was a few years ago). We are very happy with Avast and the way it performs. I am so glad that a friend recommended it to us.

  • Mom of four - going back to Norton

    bought this software at discount price on the advice of a friend that Norton was bad software and I believed him. All Access is no access as it doesn't work. Tried two times on there wonderful chat line to get the software to work. The first person actually took control of my computer and went through all these steps only to tell me I was going to have to uninstall it and reinstall it. Then step two, I had to use a removal software which I downloaded off the internet. Then I had to download the software and reinstall on my computer. That didn't work so I went back to the chat line and all that tech could tell me was my internet connection was too slow. Well if it was too slow how was I able to download it in the first place? I have never had this problem with Norton. In fact, I one time did have a problem with the internet and Norton sent me a disk free of charge. I am out 60 bucks and I'm done with McAfee.