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  • Amazon Customer - Great iPhone case

    Really great phone case. The volume and lock buttons work perfectly. I can't stand to have big phone cases on my phone because it feels like I'm holding a brick. This case protects well and it's pretty thin. It looks thinner in the pictures vs. what it actually is. But iPhone SE isn't very thin either. It met my expectations for an iPhone case

  • Matthew S. - Boring, Unfunny, Lazy

    Wanted to like it, love the actors who were hired for this movie, but the final film is just boring, unfunny and lazy. The movie doesn't continue the past Ghostbusters "universe" but blandly tries to repeat it anew without any of the chemistry or wit of its predecessors, and at times even seems to mock the beloved original through lame call-backs jokes that fall flat. Shame.

  • C. R. Worthington - A Backup Program that doesn't Work

    I have a Dell Studio 9000 running Windows 7 with an Intel i7 processor and two 500gig hard drives. My backup is a Drobo unit with two 1 TB drives. I installed the NTI Backup Now Ez 2010 software and followed the simple instructions on the screen. The software was slow to start and slow to run. When the software finally got going, it identified the files I wanted to backup and found my Drobo drive. I indicated a schedule of was then 5:50pm. Waited for the software to start my backup. The backup supposedly started...but the lower left corner of the screen, an error message with a big red circle and a big white x. The message "Backups not started". At this point the software simply froze. Nothing I could do would make it reset or do anything. Frustrated, I removed the software and reinstalled it again. Still very slow program. I carefully performed the setup all over again. Got the same error message and a freeze. Reinstalled it two more times. Same problem. I removed the software and am returning it to Amazon.