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  • Diogenes - Product doesn't work properly

    When it didn't work properly after installation, I had McAfee tech support guide me through re-installing it. They couldn't get it to work properly. One computer didn't update. A second computer's firewall didn't work properly. And on a third, McAfee wouldn't install properly on Windows 8, 64 bit. In all 3 cases, McAfee technicians to date have found the problems but can't fix them. And it's wasted a lot of my time. Unless you have time to kill, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

  • Christy - Don't waste your money!

    Annoying to remove in the morning with alsolutely no change or improvement in skin other than the pinkish tone after rubbing to romove it from the face.

  • Who Dares Cheer All - AMAZING no need for a stove

    I live in a apartment with a gas stove. the gas company wanted $200 to turn it on. I already had a George Foreman and triple slow cooker. I read the reviews and I bought it on sale. I tell you the thing is amazing. It heats up fast, the temperature change is fast and direct. The pan it self is SO non stick you dont really need oil or spray and it cleans in a snap. GREAT BUY! I bought the set and Bed Bath and Beyond

  • Timothy Poplaski - Want to add smarts to a lamp or appliance without a big up front investment? Want to give Alexa control? BUY THIS PLUG

    I've had two of the HS100 (no power metering) for a couple of months now. One is used to control my aquarium lights on a schedule and by Echo voice control. The other is used to turn off and on a large, LOUD, freezer in my storeroom when I need to do some work in there and want some quiet.

  • Eddie - I sanded down the faces of the wheels as best I could to get rid of the pitting

    I have an old set of 17" wheels for my Bimmer with snow tires mounted on. Last years New England winter absolutely killed them. The salt and chemicals left them pitted. I sanded down the faces of the wheels as best I could to get rid of the pitting. I then masked off and applied a full can of VHT prime coat followed by two cans of this bronze. Lastly I sprayed a full can of clear over them and I am fully satisfied with the result.

  • lol1192 - Practice tests are inaccurate

    These Practice tests are way too easy compared to the collegeboard's ones. One should use only use bluebook practice tests