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  • Riverreviews - Virtual Reality at your fingertips!

    As technology changes new ideas are constantly coming and going. Some stick around and others are fleeting. The newest idea in technology, gaming and mobile apps are reasonable cost 3D experiences. We now have Google Glass, the Hololense in development and Google came out with a cardboard headset which put it right into the hand of anyone with a smart phone and a couple bucks to spend. I had the opportunity to experience a new product by BlitzWolf called the VR Headset at no cost for a valid and unbiased review. As always my reviews are based on previous experience with other products, use of the current product for at least a week and my own thoughts. I always give you an honest review because your time and money are just as valuable as mine.

  • Machtopia - Not good on hardwoods, bad cord.

    I was really interested in the Navigator, even though I had a Shark Canister vacuum in the past and had a terrible time dealing with this company. So, I had to be convinced by the reviews before buying this vacuum. It seemed to work well on my carpets. It did not do a good job on hardwoods. In fact, you could see the air blowing the dog hair away from the vacuum on my hardwoods. After a couple of weeks, the cord came out of the back of the vacuum. I don't know why they don't have a stopper on the inside of the vacuum to keep the cord from pulling out. Anyway, my original Shark Canister also had cord problems (that one won't retract), so I was pretty dismayed at having another cord problem. I decided to return the vacuum rather than try to deal with this company again to get a repair (they wouldn't repair the canister cord). BTW - for the company to review the problem would have been a $20 charge - on a brand new vacuum. My guess is that Shark vacuums are not durable enough for daily us. I have had Hoovers (both the light and heavy versions) and never had a cord problem.

  • Regina Campbell - This product is Incredible!

    This stuff is amazing! If you are looking for something to get up stubborn stains this is it! I had some stains in the carpet made by our dog. She had chewed up an eyeliner pencil and got it all over. Needless to say ground in black eyeliner pencil in the carpet stands out. Especially on a beige carpet. I purchased this product based on the look of the bottle, it simply says "Kids and Pets", I had no other recommendation. I sprayed it on the stains, waited 10 mins as directed and used a cloth with very little elbow grease and the stain lifted immediately! I was immediately impressed. I had to leave a review because I have never used a product with so little advertising to work so quickly. After today's experience I have to say I will be a loyal user. I hope this helps convince you to use this product as well!

  • Lily of the Valley - Curiosity spooked the cat.

    I have loved this show since the very first one! True, some are better than others, but isn't that the same with all things.

  • S. Thatch - Shane Ellison is a Godsend

    Thank goodness for Shane! I had no idea how many poisons I was putting into my body until I read his book. Now I use his book as my supplement Bible. I am slowly weaning off of prescription drugs and replacing them with as many of Shane's supplements as I can afford. I love his no nonsense way of speaking the truth. I feel encouraged when reading his book and daily email, looking at the pictures and hearing the stories of his beautiful wife and children. If they can do it, so can I. I'm 66 and can't afford to lose anymore time putting trash (or worse) in my mouth. I want to stay healthy and have a quality life. What good is long-life if you can't get out of bed?! Thank you Shane for all the research and committing your life to make all of us feel better.

  • Amazon Customer - Perfect slim hard case for IPhone 6 plus

    Absolutely a beautiful case. Slim but firm and full bumpers on each corner without added bulk is nice!