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  • Amazon Customer - Fashion princess

    I have not gotten yet. This will be a gift for young lady and it is adorable. A present like this is sure to bring a smile. I cannot wait to see. I also bought a little wallet to go with, and put some coin and paper money in it of course, being a Christmas present. Loretta

  • Mark Rhodes - Unanswered questions and lacking references

    I have been a long time GERD victim so I am hopeful that the acid supplementation the author recommends will work for me. However, I have unanswered questions. The author states that acid supplementation can eliminate heartburn in many people that have low acid levels. He does not explain how low stomach acid levels actually causes heartburn. He writes that the culrpit is the LES and not the acid, but he never closes the loop and explains how or if the low acid levels casues the LES to open. To me, this seems like an important part of the picture. My other gripe is that that he has no references for the core of his treatment plan: HCL supplementation. There are scores of references for other topics but none are about taking extra HCL. This leaves me wondering if he is the only proponent of HCL supplementation.

  • Valor - Not sure I would buy again!

    I have tried many moisturizers and this is the first time I have really splurged because of the reviews. Not a dramatic difference and jar seemed like it was open or used when I got it, so I only got a partial jar. I think I was hoping for a more of a miracle cream that everyone was raving about.

  • hawkeye376 - good universal design

    Mount was designed to fit just about any screw mount pattern imaginable. The parts bag had everything you could think of, and sorted into labeled compartments making it easy to find the parts you needed to use for your application. The instructions were fair, mostly pictures. I had no trouble figuring it out.