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  • Linda Hanson - Cannot recommend this book

    I purchased this book to study for my HESI A2, which I hope to take later this month. I have to say, I'm highly disappointed in the editing of this book. There are NUMEROUS errors, ranging from typographical errors (e.g. organsim) to factual errors (the nitrogenous DNA bases being identified backwards -- cytosine and thymine as purines and adenine and guanine as pyrimidines -- page 116, and then the review question uses the reversed info to give the user what is an inaccurate answer) to general errors (neurOGLIA being identified as neurALGIA -- page 201). As a former mathematics teacher, I haven't even looked at the Math review sections since I don't need to review that material, but I would imagine that the errors cited in other Amazon reviews are in fact there. I will confirm that one of the questions in the Math practice test has an incorrect answer (problem 6 -- the correct answer is 6, but the book answer is 72 -- they did not follow correct order of operations). This is far from a comprehensive list of the errors I have found so far, but serves as examples of some of the more egregious ones I have encountered.

  • oliver - Unusable unless you want to spend more.

    I'm a tenure guitarist that's been playing for over 10 years and Rocksmith has been my favorite way to practice and learn songs. This game will challenge you in the best and most fun way possible.

  • Stephen S. - Great workout wireless headphones.

    These are over the ear wireless headphones. I live an active lifestyle and often have issues with earphones staying in while running. These earphones however, stayed in very well, the sound quality was very good and they are comfortable to wear, I wear these straight for several hours in a sitting while exercising or relaxing without any discomfort at all. I am extremely impressed in the quality of the product and would be happy to purchase another pair of these without any issues at all. It comes with different sized soft ear piece covers, however the standard one that it came with fit my ears just fine and did not require me to change them at all, however they do have choices for different sized ears. It alerts you when the battery is running low so you have ample opportunity to charge them. Also, when I wear sunglasses sometimes the ear pieces on other earphones have rubbed and become irritating, however these are soft and I have not had any issues wearing glasses and these earphones. Again, this is an excellent product, I will be wearing these as my new go to headphones.

  • tasha :) - i am loving all natural

    I own a diffuser I got a few years ago and have always used fragrance oils in it to help with alot of common ailments. I was doing some research on essential oils related to herbs for the best way to treat stuff without haveing to use medications . Since finding these i thought that i would I need more scents anyway I read the reviews and thought I would give it a try. I am so glad I did just with a few times i have been able to use these i have noticed a difference in my home and with my family . I now understand the difference between home fragrance oils and quality essential oils (like comparing apples and oranges). I found the depth of the scents to be just right they are sweet smelling and not to overpowering or overwhelming, but not weak it is just the right amount that is needed. The blends are really nice (see below). Pricing is a good value compared to others that i have purchased. the bottles may look small but really you will get alot in the little bottles. i am loving all the different scents and what they help . you will love that these are all natural and not artificial .i love that this kit comes with so many different kinds of oils for you to play with and become familiar with to help you and your family's health the natural way

  • Aaron - These command strips are my new best friend. It's like pulling teeth to get my ...

    These command strips are my new best friend. It's like pulling teeth to get my husband to hang things and I always screw up and put holes everywhere in the walls. These are unbelievably easy to apply and if I mess up on where I put them, I can pull them off without messing up the paint or leaving holes. So far they've held the picture frames I've used them for quite well - some are pretty heavy, too. I read they're good for earthquakes, better than nails. It can be tricky to get it lined up so I actually stick the two sides together on the back of the picture and then hold the picture firmly where I want it hung. Instead of doing one first and then the other. Took me a while to figure out that trick. Pretty much done with nails from now on, haha.

  • BookLady - It Works!

    I suffer from Interstitial cystitis which I manage through modifying my diet to eliminate foods that trigger the problem. But it is so hard to be 100% "good" when lots of favorite foods can trigger a flare up (think: chocolate, citrus, tomatoes, onions, alcohol, caffeine, spices, and many others). My doctor recommended AZO for flare ups and it works every time. I only need to use a couple of tablets once or twice a week, but it takes away the pain and discomfort. Beware that your urine will turn a deep bright orange for a day.

  • Ban Filthy Illegals - To all the this:

    *** This review is based on my experience with the laptop itself and not the seller. I purchased this from Best Buy ***