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    S L Scott writes a story about a wonderful self-discovery, strength, and unexpected love, sexy, sweet, and charming. Their path to love wasn't an easy one, but the journey they shared made their bond unbreakable. All in all this was an excellent story and I loved the way things ended for Kaz and Lara.

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    It's all in the rinsing. You might not see swirls of color washing dow the drain, but it definitely works. Be sure to use heavy conditioner. One review I read said it smelled like someone farted in a bag and tied it to her head. Didn't reek too horribly while it was on my hair, but you have to throw everything away immediately. Do NOT just leave it in your garbage can, or the bathroom will smell like an exploded port-a-potty for days. Seriously, get it out of the house.

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  • Dr. Kim Kraemer - I was let down.

    This is way to sweet and acidic. I've tried it twice and both times I had terrible heartburn. I will try it one more time by puttin it into a shake and see if that helps. If not I'll send it back for a full refund. Bummer since I was so excited to use this product.