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  • M. Story - It works!

    I was using Therapy G which I think helped with hair thickness. But I started using Groganics Gro-N-Wild because my hair stylist recommended it. At first I didn't notice the difference, but when I started using the Groganics DHT freeze shampoo and conditioner along with the Gro-N-Wild, I noticed rapid improvement. I have had a thinning problem for the last 10 years and have tried everything. Other products I have tried, Nioxin, castor oil, Nature's Blessing, and other products that claim to improve thickness. I have had some success with all of those products, but never have I seen hair regrowth.

  • Michael A Reid - Worst version of Outlook I've seen

    The interface for Outlook 2010 is so confusing and not at all intuitive. Why such a major change to the interface? Leaving a message to print it...seems so stupid. I have to use the HELP over and over just to find things I've always done in the past. I never had this problem with previous versions. Did people actually try to use this product before MS released it? Granted, some things work fine, like they did before.

  • Kimberly S. Stevenson - Even my hairdresser noticed a difference!

    I have been using WEN for almost a month now and LOVE IT! My hair is fuller, softer, shinier. There is MUCH less hair in the shower drain and my hair is much thicker. I had my hair colored, cut, and styled a few days ago and my hair dresser wanted to know what was up and what I was doing. When I told him, he was amazed. This is all I use on my hair and I have given all of my salon shampoos and conditioners to my daughter.

  • J. Chanin - Keeps me safe

    I am going back to Kaspersky. It really works well to protect my computer from virus's, malware and gives special attention when you are on a banking or financial site. When there was a malware in an email forwarded to me it set off alarms until deleted. I don't find it slows things down. It was a really good deal for me since I needed to protect more than one computer.

  • Dustin Current - Okay Product

    Decent part for the price point. However, cheap alignment "tit" broke off during install, and after 2 weeks the screws are already rusting. Will have to remove screws and paint them. Suggest to future buyers to paint them before you install. Other than that the part fits good and looks good.

  • Mr K Fox - Great book for those taking Proton Pump Inhibitors or with heartburn / stomach pain

    Having been on Proton Pump inhibitors for many years for a Hiatus Hernia, and in pain with a suspected ulcer I visited my doctor. I returned with increased strength tablets that made even drinking water painful and my partner thinking there had to be a better way found this book.