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  • Ravenrose - Does the job while allowing you to have a normal life with no surprises.

    Gotta love a product that does what is says! Cleans the butt and makes you feel better. This will purge the hot dog that you ate as a kid back in the 80's that needed an extra push to finally vacate your colon. Easy on the stomach with no surprises like other products.

  • Cara H. Johnson - Cleared up my toe some, but not to extent I had hoped

    My big, ugly toenail is still thicker than the other toes and still slightly darker, but it is not ridged and completely disgusting, so I guess after months of use, it's kind of helpful, but don't expect to become a foot model after using this.

  • Tommy C - Functional but poor finish

    I purchased this item because I needed cross bars for my 2009 Honda Odyssey and I was turned off by the price of the OEM parts. The parts fit, they are durable, and they carry stuff. However, the finish is poor. Right out of the box, bubbles were present in the paint. In some areas, the finish was completely worn away. If you really care about the look of your ride, I would recommend something else.