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  • webermj - Mixed Fellings

    I have mixed feelings about this Biil. I'm not a big fan of the darker stories, although this one held my interest. The chapters are written in a "before and after" sequence

  • Dear_Child - Breakdown of Product

    I bought this product 05/17/2016 from my local PetCo. I originally decided to read these reviews to see how frequently to use the product since the bottle itself does not have a recommended use frequency. Since then I noticed several common complaints that I felt should be address in one place. I hope to provide a single review that lays out a reasonably through breakdown of this product for the lazier of us.

  • MabelG - IT WORKS!!!!

    My hair is growing really fast I love it ill been taking it for a month now and i see the difference

  • bbeckyt - OOPS! HOME DYEING - JUST SAY "NO"

    I am a fifty-something natural strawberry blonde whose hair is about 5% gray and actually now a brownish-dun-red color. My hair is thick but fine and I have had it home-dyed once before and salon dyed twice before. I recently had highlights and lowlights done professionally. I wanted to add some coppery sheen and minimize the gray and applied Clairol "Nice'n easy" #108, "Natural reddish blonde" for only 15 minutes. My hair came out looking like a red clown wig- orange-red- flaming- aghhhh! I wore it one day like that (mostly waiting until the sun went down to venture outside) and decided that I couldn't "embrace" the new color. I Googled "dyed hair too red" and "Color Oops" came up. Thank God! I read many wonderful reviews, some with cautions, and decided that I had little to lose. I purchased a box of Extra Strength Color Oops at CVS (the guy at the register was kind enough not to point and laugh at Bozo)and went home and followed the directions to a "T". I took a large wall clock into the bathroom with me so that I could keep time from the shower. I washed and rinsed and rinsed and rinsed and washed and rinsed- whew! I now am a peach blonde (not a bleached blonde or even a beach blonde), certainly not my original brownish-dun-red, but I have all of my gray hair back. This new weird color is a little more presentable than the Bozo red, but all in all, I say "NEVER AGAIN" WITH HOME DYES. When/if the urge to change my look comes again, I will JUST SAY NO OR GO TO A PROFESSIONAL. I am not able to do plumbing or electrical work or sew perfectly tailored clothing or repair the brakes on my car- what makes me think that I can combine strong chemicals with myriad variables and reactions and put them on my hair and get good results??? Never again! By the way, the smell of the Color Oops was bad, but I was expecting worse. It permeated everything and is still smelly a day after I applied it. I just threw the clothes that I wore and the towel that I used in the garbage. Good luck to you all....B

  • JWinPS - Kaspersky never again.

    I purchased this product mid July 2016. It was labeled compatible with Windows 10. Upon installation, opening pages in secure mode would always result in an error message indicating to enable pop-ups. Windows 10 no longer has that user definable. I contacted Kaspersky and after a long time with customer support was told it was a known issue. Flash forward to August 31st. When I would click some of the Kaspersky links, or sometimes even spontaneously, the app would flash an error message and ask if I wanted to send the data back to Kaspersky. The first several times I clicked yes. After a relatively long time to send my system data another message popped up unable to communicate with server. It also started to create a situation whereupon closing the lid, putting the laptop to sleep, upon lifiing and awakening I'd get a a Windows stopcode error message, essentially a type of blue screen error. That would cause the system to analyse the error and reboot. Exasperated thinking it might be a Windows 10 corruption, I I did a complete Windows 10 reinstall, naturally losing all the data on the computer [fortunately I have it on Cloud storage.] System worked fine. Then for safety, my first software installation was Kaspersky. Same problem all over. I uninstalled Kaspersky, problem disappeared. I checked Kaspersky's website. They offer only a 30 day free trial, after that you're on the hook for the cost. So, I ordered Webroot. It had been outstanding on my prior laptop. I just wanted to try something new. But, kicker, Webroot buying on their website gives a 70 day return period. So even if I have a problem with it being Windows 10 incompatible or glitchy, I'll be covered. In the meantime, I'm just using Windows Defender for internet security. Good, but not great.

  • Landocrazy - Great replacement that modernizes the jeep. Looks like it was supposed to be there.

    Great product, reception is perfect, install is east. Screw it in with the flexible cord, prep the area, peal off the double sided tape and attach. Looks like the newer jeeps. Used on my 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee after the factory antenna rotted away.

  • orcjaw - Works well...too well?

    It gets a 3 star because IT DID indeed work. I received a free sample in a bundle of coupons i got in the mail. it said in my cupboard forever- but since i have chronic trouble falling and staying asleep i thought i would give it a try. OUT LIKE A LIGHT--BUT, it worked a little TOO WELL for me. im not a dainty flower, im short and heavy set so i took the recommended dose for adults aged 12 and up (two gel pills). it worked fast, but when i had to get up in the night with my toddler, i found that i was VERY VERY dizzy, disoriented, ready to collapse on the floor for more zzzzzzz's. the next morning i was still very drowsy.