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  • Jennifer Robinson - AWESOME

    this stuff really is great! my curls look soo much better and theres less frizz when i have waves omg excellent!!lol Now im gonna go try the knot today with this stuff hollllerrrr

  • Robert - Great tool for payroll

    I've been doing our own payroll for 6 years now with 35 employees. This software is very user friendly and very accurate. I can easily produce a payroll check in under 5 minuets if I need to. I like the ability to track the costs of payroll to each one of our individual clients for an accurate profit and loss picture. I would highly recommend this software to beginners as well as experienced payroll people.

  • ham-ham - Helped with headaches from taking DIM

    So I bought these because I bought DIM and a DHT Blocker. The DIM was giving me headaches, which could be a sign of the body adjusting to lower estrogen or the liver needing some help maybe, as a lot of users of DIM have suggested using liver supplements.