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  • D. Carman - Wife loves this stuff

    My wife is blonde and uses chemical enhancement to stay that way. Her hair takes a beating and this stuff appears to help. I say appear because I've not done the research to look at her hair before and after under a microscope or done any spectrometer exams. She swears by it and that is my final test.

  • Lovemonger1 - Highly Recommended

    I use this twice a year to prevent mold growth in my shower and it works great. Just sprayed on, let it sit overnight, then with a very lightly moistened sponge go over the job to get rid of all the residue drips and spotting marks. Love this product.

  • SharGr - These are not an improvement

    I am very disappointed in these Crest strips. It's been a while since I've bought whiteners from the Crest line. They were pioneers in bringing this to mass marketing, but their early strips were unappealing, the way they slipped off if you made the mistake of trying to talk while wearing them. Supposedly they stay on better now. No, they don't. They do not adhere any better now than they did five years ago. I was really disappointed to see that they still make the bottom strip extremely small. I have more than six bottom teeth, and more than six are visible. Why do they make that strip so small? I suppose the size doesn't matter if it slips off. It barely reaches to my gums to begin with, so if it slips, it certainly is not going to whiten the entire few teeth that it covers. It will be a long time before I use Crest strips again!

  • ezeedozit - Gives me a boost without being wired.............

    I take this product about 5 days a week, and I actually notice a difference in the longevity of energy through my day.

  • Buttface - Why would a company make hardware for just a single game that isn't even theirs!?

    Saitek makes amazing programming software for their HOTAS, Yoke and Throttle systems. So then they release these really cool panels that ONLY work in a single sim made by a separate company, and to make it work in only TWO other games, you have to shell out $35 to a shady looking download site, and event hen it refuses to work in a single combat sim.

  • Alfred K - All Good Things Come to an End

    My Keurig died for the second time and the previous model I had is now discontinue. I switched to the 2.0 and found that all of my K-cups that I've been buying from Sam's Club will not work in the new brewer. I will probably return this and buy some off brand brewer from a less greedy company. The effort they put into locking out competitors K-cups would have been better spent building quality machines.