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  • Jen M - Great product. I use as daily supplement for my ...

    Great product. I use as daily supplement for my little ones . Easy to take and I feel good that no artificial ingredients are used plus not just vitamin C but zinc which is really shown to prevent or lessen a cold virus!

  • Maurice A. Wheatley - Another great read from Edward Klein

    Another great read from Edward Klein. I listened to the audio version of the book. I thought it was especially helpful that Mr. Klein addressed the matter of the media critics of his previous books about the Clintons. The Clinton Slime Machine is so effective at drowning out those who expose the Corrupt Clintons. If the information in this book, and Mr. Klein's other books were against Trump or any conservative politician, Mr. Klein would have been a media darling. Since I am not dependent on the mainstream media for my information, a lot of the information contained in the book was not new to me. Nevertheless I highly recommend Guilty as Sin. Apart from exposing the Clintons once again, it exposes the stench that now passes itself off for the Justice Department. If America elects Hillary Clinton, we will not have anyone to blame but ourselves. You know that if Donald Trump is elected, the media will suddenly transform itself into the watchdog that it was expected to be. No stone will be left un-turned in ferreting out the failings of a Trump Administration. If Hillary is elected, it will be 4 more years of media looking the other way or even worse, complicit in covering up the inevitable corruption that would be a hallmark of a Hillary Clinton Administration. Buy this book.