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  • SyzRip - Above For Initiative...

    Above for initiative, three belows for headwork. Bullseye, Dead Meat, Suicide, Cmon you guys! You can do better than that! This guy just made the air wing comic for the entire cruise! Love the P-3 (don't DQ the boat!) and SERE CMC (hugs & kisses) comments! 3500 hrs, 700 traps, 6 deployments, two RAG instructor tours, sat on a few FNAEBs, can not count on two hands the number of friends who died in Navy and Marine Corps jets. Why are we offended? Because it is the nature of this community to be silent for the most part. Why? I may be able to explain. Once you are behind the ship on a pitch dark night with lots of boat movement and an aircraft emergency or two, you'll know. Once you taxi into the ONE WIRE amidst blood curdling "POWER!" calls and WAVEOFF lights grinding your hook to a nub in a shower of sparks starting at the round down, you'll know. Once you get your third bolter blue water with no divert and have to join on the tanker in the middle of a lightning hail storm where you can see Saint Elmos Fire on your probe tip and you finally get in the basket the tanker calls "SOUR" and your low fuel lights illuminate, you'll know. Once you have a student completely wrap the probe around the tanker drogue and try to put the basket down your intake just as you get a "LOW OIL" light on that same engine, you'll know. Naval Aviators are quiet for the most part because that is YOU tomorrow night, getting the no grade or worse due to a half second inattention on final. Once you know what LOBAR underlined means, you'll know! D-Day you out there? I'll never forget one of my buddies on our winging day selected for single seat hornets and he was all "I'm doing it alone! Brief alone, walk alone, fly alone..." and D-Day says, "Yea, and your gonna die alone too!" Most the guys are pretty quiet, and I can not tell you how quiet the wardroom is after a terrible night, when everyone has the 1000 yard stare and is just happy to be aboard and alive!

  • Phyllis Adams - Nice shaver/ great price

    I purchased this Philips Norelco Shaver for my son as a Christmas gift. He specifically asked for a corded one. I searched and searched in stores without any luck. Seems everyone I found was cordless. I decided to try amazon and of course here it was. He is very pleased with this shaver. He says it gives him a closer shave than any other shaver he's used. It is easy to clean and maintain. He's been using it for about 9 months and it is still working fine. He has not had to replace the heads. The only thing he didn't like about it is that the cord is on the short side but he says he has gotten used to it.

  • Alex J. - the light is great. Low heat output

    Is there supposed to be a switch for the veg and bloom? If not, then why is it still in the description? If so, then my unit was not assembled correctly. Can we get an official answer on this from VIPARSPECTRA?

  • Anni - Must Buy ! Love it !!!!

    This is a must buy if you like ice cream and yogurt. It's so healthy. It's great for people like myself who is wright conscious but has a sweet tooth. I tried using yellow mango instead of banana, and my family actually prefer the mango . Great product, easy to clean and use.

  • joyce - versace smells great

    i always order this for my son at christmas he has worn v. blue jeans since high school and is 30 now and still loves it gets lots of complements and i use to pay a higher price till i started shopping with amazon good price and fast shipping.

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    This is a highly researched and effectively written documentary in what could be a revolutionary therapy and give many people relief from their physical and mental ailments.