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  • Erin - Love this stuff

    I have been using this product for about 14 years now. I love how soft it makes my hair! I have tried other cheaper alternatives, but none are quite as good as this. I really hope it never is discontinued, or I will not know what to do with myself.

  • OIF VET - Pick these over WeatherTech

    Perfect fit. Glad I bought these instead of the WeatherTech mats. These have spikes on the back, which help keep things from moving around too much. The front mats are held in place with anchors, but the back mat doesn't have them, so the spikes really come in handy. These were less expensive than the WeatherTech mats, too. These can sell for as high as about $180, but you can find them for around $150 here on Amazon. In my research, I found that these mats have a higher lip, and at least for the driver's side, the mat goes up higher under the gas/brake pedals. The other difference that helped me make my decision was the fact that these come with a lifetime warranty, while the WeatherTech only came with a 3 year warranty. Highly recommend this product for your 5th Gen 4Runner.

  • Charles Boston - Solid bike

    This is a pretty solid bike for the price. At 6' 00" with 32.5" inseam, this bike is the right size. However, if you are shorter than 5' 11", you may want to consider the medium size (even though Diamondback size chart says 5' 10" is ok) as this bike runs a bit large. It DOES NOT include the assembly tools (confirmed!!). Assembly was pretty easy, but you can't go by the absolutely useless instruction book (look to their website for guidance instead). Most of the bike was already assembled. After 1 hour basic assembly, I had brake noise on rear brake/rotor and noise from chain rubbing against the front derailleur. Knowing absolutely nothing about bikes, it took several youtube videos and another 3 hour to fine tune it. This included adjusting rear brake pad position, rear brake cable tension, and bending the rear rotor just a bit. On the front derailleur, I adjusted tension as well as the high and low limit on front derailleur. They seemed pretty difficult at first, but once you get through it, it will be much easier if you need to do it again. I then made sure that everything was tight and secure, in case someone at the factory was incompetent. Now it shifts very quickly, smoothly and quietly. The brakes stop effectively with no noise at all.

  • Darby - Moss Remover for Home Patio and Walkways

    This product totally eradicates moss that forms on our brick walkways and EP Henry patio, and prevents it from returning for months...

  • Debbie Lauteren - this has at least 9 set colors, but you can mix your colors and brighten or dim the colors all by remote

    this product came as promised, in a clean and undamaged package. this item is way cool. when i first opened up the package, i was like what the heck did i order??? i had to research my order to see what it was. this LED light strip is a stream of sticky light that i am going to put up on the top of my cabinets in my kitchen because my kitchen if very dark. it comes with a remote that you can change colors on the color coordinated remote, a heavy duty cord and an adaptor. 15 ft of roll out type film lights ... i am so excited i will have to take pictures when im done, as of now i just turned them on and changed their colors. this has at least 9 set colors, but you can mix your colors and brighten or dim the colors all by remote !!! i received this product at a reduced price for an honest and truthful review. as soon as i'm done with my project i will post pictures, for now i just have pic of the product still in the reel but lit up. get some of these LED light the add fun to everything. !!

  • C. E. Delage - Squatty Potty Is For You!

    If you are looking for a natural aid for constipation, try squatting rather than sitting on your toilet seat. This convenient device fits around your toilet's base for easy storage. Buy the 15 inch model if you have a standard toilet, the 17 inch if you have the taller model.

  • Kim McKinney - I especially like the hood and hopefully I don't need it for ...

    This jacket is stylish and well made. I especially like the hood and hopefully I don't need it for hiking in the rain but if I do, this jacket will do the job intended. It is very lightweight and will pack well.