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  • kharmadog - All of my concerns allayed by actually getting it!

    Okay, I don't have much money, and I was skeptical about this product because of complaints about the build, etc. Let's just say this is not a regular blender. Making a smoothies in some of my old blenders was similar to using a leaf blower in the kitchen. And about as effective. This thing is powerful. I'm w clutz. I have challenged the max line rule to the limit, and have never had a leak. There is no excuse about being too tired to prepare an outstanding meal for yourself. Three minutes tops to the best food you can give yourself. Very little prep. I feel so much better. I am losing weight gradually, and at 51, I look alive. My partner says I am radiant. This entire experience is causing me to consider a change from my grueling and increasingly miserable career as a high school English teacher, and becoming a health coach and esthetician. I bought mine at target for 89 dollars, on sale. My two teenage kids have been drawn in by the device, and without encouragement are making blasts once or twice a day. Processed food is beginning to seem gross to them, as well. All in all, all I can say, is that I was really worried that I was blowing a chunck of change on another gadget that is just useless. You can clean so easily, the machine is quality, and fun and easy to use. I will stop my rant now.:)

  • Mal B - Great design program

    I've used similar programs in the past and this is a great improvement. The stairs tool was very easy to use. Although I couldn't get everything exact it was good enough to develop an excellent walkthrough. Still plan on having an engineer/designer prepare the final drawings of the house. The tutorial videos were extremely helpful and make reading the details in the manual easier to follow.