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  • Molly G. - GREAT cookbook

    I LOVE this cookbook! I've always been a fan of the Skinnytaste website and this book is an excellent addition. There's so many new recipes - I've bookmarked TONS to make ASAP. Thank you Gina for showing that healthy food doesn't have to be boring OR take forever. I cannot wait to cook through this cookbook.

  • D. Love - I love the newly dedicated buttons for everything

    As for the device, it's a 5 star product. The charger is negative 1 star. I love the newly dedicated buttons for everything. No more hold these two buttons down for mute, maybe it will work then hold down power or the call button to do other things... This latest is great because you have dedicated mute, call, volume, and power switches or buttons. I am a fan. However, as hundreds others have said, the charging mechanism is crap. Why on Earth Plantronics thought it was a good idea to have a proprietary charger is beyond me. Plantronics used to have all chargers like this instead of USB. WIth the Voyager Pro line they finally went to USB... You're going backwards Plantronics! I can't give the earpiece itself less than 4 stars tho because it's amazing. Great call quality and fits well with glasses.

  • Amazon Customer - No smell and easy to swallow and my appetite has drop down to ...

    It's working for me. I just been taking under a week and I lost a few inches. No smell and easy to swallow and my appetite has drop down to not even being hungry. No snaking for me anymore. The cravings to snack and over eat has gone. I have more energy and I feel better during workouts at the gym.

  • Nodin - If you decide to buy complete protection, don't get too lazy or slack off setting it up properly

    I understand the frustration of getting older and finding it tough to keep up with security. I had let that get a bit lax by not utilizing my Webroot the way I should have done - or, on my desktop, not at all. Sad result is several email accounts were hacked to the point that in attempting to recover, I eventually received the message that these accounts do not exist.