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  • Rowekx - Buying AOC was a gamble but paid off big

    It was a gamble but man, did it pay off. I had not used an AOC product before but have known about them for a good number of years. I skipped past a Dell and chose this company. I hoped it would work out and yes it has and then some. The colors are rich and sharp. The monitor itself looks great too with its slim bezel. (well, I am fond of the black base but this being low profile, it wasn't a show stopper.) What I truly hoped to get was a far better display when I'm playing my all-time time waster, Cities:Skylines. I have to say, I am happy selecting AOC. It is turning out as I hoped. Good job AOC.

  • Elizabeth sorensen - Shipping headache

    IF YOU WANT EARLY ACCESS FOR ANY GAME, BUY IT FROM THE PUBLISHER. My girlfriend bought the download only version of this game for me. She is the best :) However I was throwing a hissy fit when I discover the no-disc version was mail instead of emailed. All I needed was the stupid code and I could have been playing two days ago. UPS got my address wrong and took it back to the distribution center AN HOUR AWAY. They don't deliver on the weekend so I risked the trip and arrived five minutes before they closed. If I had to wait till Monday I would have returned my Amazon order and bought it from Origin instead like I should have done in the first place.

  • Amazon Customer - Enjoyed reading Fluency and recommend it to you.

    The book was definitely entertaining. I do think the depiction of the crew was a bit amateurish, but then again, I am a reader and not a writer. The concept is sound. An exploratory mission to investigate a potentially derelict ship from which the Roswell, NM 1947 alien wreck came from that created the Alien museum, etc. It was a good read, fairly fast paced. I would hope that the United States wouldn't appear as bellicose as depicted in the end. However, the premise of a relic alien and his machinations was well executed but the human side seemed a bit simplistic as to motivations. This was eased a bit by and infectious agent of some sort that caused these deviations from the norm. However, like all things, it was entertaining, without going too far out of the realm of the possible. I personally felt the ending was too abrupt. this is seems obviously a device to provide a hook for a continuation. I believe this could have been done in a less abrupt manner and still preserve a follow-on story.

  • Boomer - Great Product!!!!

    New Update: June 9, 2012... I had a sinus infection, took antibiotics, hucked up yellow discharge, then urine started to get scanty a few weeks later, and I ended up in the ER getting a catheter. Got that out 2 days later, but still having some problems, going to Urology soon. BUT, at the Chiropractors, found a CANDIDA PROBLEM!!!! AGAIN!!! SOOOOOOO....Guess what....buying more Threelac. I am sure to be on the mend soon, and hope not to be going to Urology. Candida can mimic many things. It can get into your Urinary Tract, and can get into your kidneys and bladder. I am fairly hopeful that the Threelac will clear it up. Great Product.

  • K. Dorn - No toxic chemicals, generous rear facing limits, perfect!

    This is the only car seat I could find without toxic flame retardants combined with a generous rear facing weight AND height limit (my children will both reach most height limits years before the weight limits of any car seat). I first ordered another brand that claimed to be free of toxic chemicals, when it arrived it reeked so badly I had to send it back. This Clek Fllo perfectly covers my primary concerns better than any other seat I looked at: toxic chemicals and extended rear facing. It is also very sturdy, not the styrofoam headpieces that are in so many other car seats (which inevitably break in car seat shuffling) and the strong metal frame is reassuring. It is easily installable as well as adjustable. Width is narrow, I could fit 3 car seats across (this, a Recaro pro Sport and a booster) in the back of my Golf TDI, big plus. We did have to put the front seats further forward than is comfortable, but it fit. It is surprisingly light considering its sturdiness, heavier than a foam and plastic seat of course but lighter than a Recaro or a Diono. The only disadvantage I've found after two months of use is that the cover is not removable for washing. I LOVE THIS CAR SEAT. I hope my review is helpful.

  • janicella57 - only option for a river knife

    If you want a knife that attaches to your PFD then NRS is your only option. It has a good design and works well but the quality of the blade is definitely lacking. My brother is a raft guide and has the same one and loves it. If you are looking for higher quality maybe try the titanium one.