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  • Joseph R. Donnaway - Perfect Fit, Good Quality, Great Service

    I received these racks very quickly, and installed the rear with no problems in about 15 minutes. The front bar had a stripped screw head, however. I emailed the seller via Amazon in the evening, and the next morning a replacement front bar was in transit. Received that one quickly, installed in 10 minutes and put the bad one in the box with the paid return label. Excellent service!

  • Secret Shopper - but the novelty wears off pretty fast. The emotional reactions I have witnessed thus ...

    It has potential, but it needs more. He's an entertaining little guy, but the novelty wears off pretty fast. The emotional reactions I have witnessed thus far appear far more random than something that is genuinely interacting with the environment. I was really looking forward to it looking at another robot figure and say "meh", but that's just not happening.

  • Dr. Tek - Tivo File Support, But Crippled at Best!

    Roxio is one of the ONLY programs out there that offer Tivo file support for editing and authoring. I bought 2012 with that in mind, but much to my surprise, the resolution is limited to 640X480. I've sent emails to BOTH Tivo and Roxio, and each one points to the other as the reason for the crippling. Roxio has had Tivo support for some time, albeit crippled.

  • Sara Dunnigan - Xbox One is a starting out as a great piece of equipment with a lot of upside for the future

    As a console, it is a very capable next-gen gaming device. There is a solid offering of launch titles -- I have played Dead Rising 3, FIFA 14, Powerstar Golf and Killer Instinct so far, they are all a lot of fun. Kinect 2.0 works better than the original Kinect -- mostion controls have faster response and are more reliable, voice controls work much better but still not 100%. The controller is well designed, a bit different than the X360 controller yet still comfortable and familiar in the hand. Graphics are very good and will only get better as developers learn to optimize the hardware.

  • linda - just ok

    have a cement patio and had a lot of alge and ground in dirt. Used this product half chemical and half water and scrubbed 2 different areas with brush and then hosed off. Did not see a significant different. I will try it full strength to see if that will solve the problem. my patio is 20X30 so if it does work full strength it would cost a lot to clean the whole thing