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  • Sds3r1 - Covers the entire floor area!

    Great product! The front row floor liners fit perfectly and are very sleek. The back row covers the entire floor area, even under the seats (which was a huge selling point for me)!

  • PJ Harris - Sip fruit-infused water all day on a budget

    When I decided to look for an infuser bottle, I had these musts on my wishlist: it must have a carry handle, hold at least 32 ounces, and the water must dispense without unscrewing/removing the lid. This Sharpro infuser water bottle satisfies my wishlist, and then some.

  • Thomas Wong, Author of "101 Ways to Boost Your Web Traffic" - A Powerful Antidote for the Quarterly Profit Trap

    In times of economy downturn and falling quarterly profit, reducing workforce and defaulting inventories seem to be a quick answer to restore corporate health. Unfortunately, they often destroy the weak foundations on which many corporations are built today. The advices and rescue efforts from management gurus often fail to work. This leads one to wonder if there are better solutions. And there are. According to Mr. Collins and his research team, companies who make the leap from good to great can survive and even prosper during tough times.

  • Amazon Customer - love this product can hook to tv and view the ...

    love this product can hook to tv and view the web. product was delivered on time and had no issues with it.

  • artcat742 - Works well - with a slight (workable) price

    Just for the record, I bought this at Walmart, not on Amazon. But, since I go straight to Amazon to read reviews, I decided to post my review here. First - this product worked for me. I've only used it twice, but saw a slight difference after the first use, and even more after the second. So it's safe to assume that I will after the third use. I haven't tried the conditioner, but may in the future. About my hair - thinner, darkest blonde possible (Level 6.) so, I got sick of home-highlighting, and decided to try a Level 8 to lighten it. First time was fine, 2nd time, not so much. Red/orange tones. So I highlighted again, thinking if this color spares me from highlighting at home every other time, that's an improvement. Highlights were fine, but the base color was still too orange at the now 2-inch roots. Tried another product (didn't do squat) so moved to the JF Blonde Colour Renew Tone-Correcting. Pro - it did make a noticeable difference. Immediately, and more so with the 2nd use. Con - it dried out my hair like crazy. But I will keep using it, because I have excellent conditioners. Worth the temporary, extra care each month. It's worth a try, but be prepared to extra-condition your hair after each use, if your hair reacts that way. If it doesn't help you, you either have resistant hair or you need to go a shade darker next time (something I still might try myself). Neutralized my orange enough to not be so noticeable - the only comment I got was "your hair looks blonder."

  • Mohamed Dawy - The best ever published subject for Exchange 2010

    The impression I got when browsing this book is Oh my god! they are answering every question I got during my experience with Exchange 2010 since the launch of the product. Thanks for anyone who put efforts with this wonderfull add to the IT library.

  • Bob from Dallas - Export functionality deeply flawed

    was forced to "upgrade" from QB 2011 to maintain payroll and banking functionality. new version has mainly cosmetic changes, which to my eyes make things less readable, but that isn't the big problem. The massive flaw in the new version is a rework of the report export functionality that is increasing my month end work flow by literally 3 hours. they introduced extra export options requiring extra steps, but the big time waster is that the export destination is no longer remembered within each company file. So if I work on Company A, and export to Excel spreadsheets in Folder A, when I switch to Company B, it defaults to exporting to Folder A. Switch that to Folder B, then next time I open company A, it wants to export to Folder B. I maintain six companies, and used to have a very streamlined month end process that has been completely destroyed by new version. Have Googled for some way to force it to have old behavior but no luck yet. would have much preferred to keep QB 2011 and pay some kind of service fee than be subjected to this forced change to a flawed product.