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  • John - Worthless Publication This Year

    I have been buying this JK Lasser tax publication for many, many years. Usually, I find it to be a very usefull publication. However, this year the book is missing a lot of very important material and information, and a great deal of the information that is in the book is inaccurate. The book should never have been published until most of the tax law changes were complete. To make matters worse, the publisher still (as of 2/19/13) does not have a printed supplement available for distribution by mail. Also, it's like pulling teeth to get them to agree to mail you the supplement (even when and if it finally becomes available). The Publisher, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. made a grievous error in printing the book prematurely, and now they make matters worse by not offering a printed, updated supplement in a timely manner. This book is an iconic publication that is relied upon by many, many people each year. I think it was very shortsighted of the person or persons at John Wiley & Sons, Inc. who decided to publish the book prematurely with so much information that they knew would turn out to be inaccurate. They are damaging the reputation of an iconic publication for short term monetary gain.


    They sold this model as a SEK-1000/ZA, but when we received the box the original label said SEK-1000/ZX. They had pasted a new label on top of the original with the "ZA". When I looked it up, it seems that this product is actually from Panama and is NOT the U.S. model.

  • Laura SN - Huge Installation

    The package arrived sooner than anticipated. The installation took longer than anticipated even with 4 CPUs. It installed without incident.

  • Danelle - Perfect

    Beautiful! My 6 year old lit up when she opened this for Christmas. The price seems ridiculous for a Barbie but I guess if you're into the collectible thing it makes sense.

  • Don Pierce - This software can be as easy or as detailed as you make it

    This software can be as easy or as detailed as you make it. It is great in that it allows searching for recipes with specific ingredients and also within certain types of dishes (ie. desserts, main dishes, etc). It makes it very simple to email, print or copy recipes for others to use. It is very simple to use and maintain. This software package is a great recipe management tool for those who like trying new recipes. It even comes with a large selection of recipes to begin with. Highly recommend this disk for everyone looking for new recipes to try or make their own recipe database.

  • Robert Jacob - Very pleased

    I feel somewhat safe and secure with this Norton product. I use it to scan my home, desktop computer almost everyday and occasionaly on my laptop. Gives me a good feeling of protection. Very pleased with this product. Will certainly purchase again.