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    City: 30.5233 , Ukraine

  • Chris F - Accurate and reliable

    I've had this unit for about 6 months and it seems to be accurate (placed next to a couple other devices all measuring generally within 2% difference).

  • sunnyf - perfect

    Great condition! Looked brand new. Arrived faster than anticipated.Exactly what we ordered. Price was comparable to the store. Will look for again

  • flyinghatchet - Strips work very well but usually leave a glue residue

    The glue from these nasal strips leaves a residue that adds a hot-washcloth nose-wiping routine. I switched back to the standard strips but those leave a residue as well. Breathe Right's strips didn't use to do this so I'm guessing a switch to a cheaper adhesive was made in an effort to save money. I do not know this for sure, but either the skin on my nose has changed -- or the product has changed. In the end, however, the ability to sleep better is still well worth it.

  • Areka kale - SUPER GREAT PRODUCT

    Received this product free. SUPER GREAT PRODUCT!!! It works amazing. As a mother of 3 small kids, one of them being disabled it is very hard to check their temperature. This made it super easy to check it!! I love it and would recommend it to every mother out there.

  • logan123 - doesn't work

    After I stopped my cat's medication and used this product, my cat became sick and vocal. His hair became horrible. I had to return to the original medicatin for my cat. I don't know if add more drops would work, but I didn't try.

  • [email protected] - great shampoo- great orange smell

    love this stuff. Had a creamy orange shampoo years ago, this one is just like it. Excellent orange scent.

  • Hereticus - Ratchet is crap

    Used the ratchet once to remove screws from bottom on broken recliner. The ratchet started falling apart and would not shift into clockwise. I had to use other tools to finish the job which added about 500% time. Bottom line, the ratchet is crap. Since no other tools in the kit have moving parts, I expext them to last under normL use.