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  • Alex - Has saved 2 previously expired wet cell battery's so far

    just leave it hooked up and let it do its thing.... so far it has taken two battery's that would not hold charge and turned them back into holding 12.7+ dc volts with a whole bunch of life. could not be happier.

  • Amazon Customer - Love my Wrangler!!!

    This machine is awesome! For a bad axx off road vehicle its on road performance is great! The interior has a ton of room and cargo space. There are so many accessories/options to play with and add the possibilities are endless. Finally one of the best parts, it's a 4x4 convertable!!!!

  • zinnia - This product along with Microsoft tech support is horrible. They put a graphics driver in office that ...

    This product along with Microsoft tech support is horrible. They put a graphics driver in office that messed up my computer. Runs so slow it is unusable. Tried tech support and they are worthless. Bad product, horrible support.

  • Amazon Customer - I really like the IdealBoost

    I really like the IdealBoost, Weight Loss Drink. I am an avid runner and cyclist but the few inches that I have had to lose, they are gone due to sticking to my daily exercise regimen, healthy eating and this drink. This drink mix has no weird taste. I put the mix in my water bottle which I keep in the refrigerator and it tastes great! It prevents me from snacking. Which after a hard work out, it helps me stay on track. This product works. You do need to stick to healthy way of life, like anything, but it works. I would definitely recommend it.

  • Michelle - I LIKE IT after only using it for a few days ...

    I LIKE IT after only using it for a few days you can see the difference . I agree with a lot of the customers you have to be careful and keep I away from the lower neck area where the thyroid is located. The videos on u tube are very helpful , the only thing I do not like is the metallic taste I have in my mouth all of the time. Also my muscles do get tight and sometimes affects the neck and jaw muscles but it goes away after awhile. Its the metallic taste that doesn't go away I guess that's something you just have to get used to. The results are great.

  • Elliot - It's okay

    This was a great ball for the first couple weeks. It was definitely very hard, but just needed to be used a while to soften up. It handled extremely well, and the colors (although I really wasn't sure to begin with) are actually super great. It may not look very pretty in the pictures - or in natural light, but under the fluorescent lighting in any gym it's beautiful.