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Country:, Europe, BG

City: 23.3167 Sofia-Capital, Bulgaria

  • Kayt Rivermoon - Eye candy

    This what I call an "eye-candy" movie, meaning I watch it for the special effects. What's not to like about watching Yellowstone go kablooie, (during unhinged commentary no less !) and LA falling into the sea ? It's not a movie you try to figure out the science of (A Tsunami flooding the Himalayas ? REAlly ?) Plus the fact that I don't think they have enough humans left to form a viable breeding population...oops, there I go , thinking about it too much again. A Fun ride of a disaster movie.

  • Michelle B. - Just try it.

    Wow! I ruined my nails with acrylics & gel sets for years 15+ this has restored them to the my much of my astonishment. Thick, strong & growing like weeds.

  • tbn8vb - New -- And MUCH Improved!

    Many years ago (late 80's), I purchased a Vacu Vin Wine Saver. I found it to be only "OK." It was extremely hard to pump; you didn't know if you had pumped it enough to create a good vacuum; and, it didn't seem to hold it's vacuum very well. Recently, while having dinner with good friends, we had opened a few bottles of wine. Afterward, one of the bottles remained about half-full, but I was unable to find it's cork to seal it. Our hostess handed me the "newer" version of the Vacu Vin Wine Saver pump and a "stopper." At first, I was very skeptical; but, much to my surprise, the pump operated quite easily, and I was pleased to find that it gave a soft "chirp" when a sufficient vacuum had been achieved. I was very impressed; so I ordered a pump and stoppers and have been very pleased, thus far. I even placed a half-full vacuumed bottle on its side in the refrigerator for a couple of days, and it did not leak at all. And, best of all, it seems to do a very good job of keeping the wine tasting like it's fresh. Needless to say, my old set (which I hadn't used in years, anyway) is now in a garbage dump someplace.

  • Greg Hadaller - Good stuff

    Why spend more? The price is right and the quality is fine. Both connectors fit snugly into the ports. The ends are not bulky and the cable is not too fat. And it works!

  • M. Connor - Love Vi really Love the $ on here.

    Now everyone is the office is buying their Vi-Salus on here. Cheaper by far. These protein shakes are great. Recipes are readily available on Google, pintrest, fb. Good stuff, cut calories and lose weight without feeling like your starving or having to choke down some nasty drink.

  • RoseRed - epic tale of tragedy and woe with surprise happy ending

    My teen daughter insisted on going down the dye path, in spite of the fact that she had long, thick, milk chocolate colored hair that had red highlights when the sun hit it. I said no way, she said yes way, guess who won (she only lets me win an argument about every 30 days, just to bolster my esteem and foster the pretense that I'm in charge).