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  • M. Armstrong - A real, unpaid review.

    I paid actual money for this - unlike most of the reviews here which were given the item for free in exchange for a review.

  • MelissaRose - against policy

    reviewing the product, not from this seller. It odd against the itworks company policy to sell on Amazon. There is no way to be sure these masks aren't expired and you won't get the best results from an excited product. To get the 4 pack for 59$ and directly from ItWorks global so you know you're begging a quality product. Visit

  • G. Cook - A Restorer must.

    Old antiques like clocks were generally put together with Hide glue. The big advantage to hide glue is that you can "undo" the glue joints and re-glue them. It also is authenticate when looked at by restorers. Modern glues are so strong they will destroy the wood if you try to take it apart. So in a 100 years some one wants to re-veneer a clock...pretty hard to do with the pieces all glue together with modern glue. This product also eliminates to some extent the shelf live and the mixing and warming pots needed with the original hide glue.