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  • Bradley Nelson - Same as the old Warbirds

    If you've golfed with Warbirds before, then you know what you're getting. I'm not sure why Callaway feels the need to come out with yearly models of golf balls like this is a line of cars or something. I refuse to believe that golf ball technology is changing so fast that a company with 20 different golf balls needs to make a new version of each of them every year. Thus, I took off a star.

  • Charles - Great for my needs, a combination of the office and biking

    Some people don't prefer this brown/black color or talked about fading, pick-up of dirt, etc. Also yes it's canvas.

  • L. Rose - Makes Toes Look Better But Doesn't Get Rid of Problem

    I always had pretty feet & toes until a few months ago. I had it on one big toe and a few others- the sides of the nails were curling under and the nail was getting thicker and had brown streaks- it looked awful. I started soaking feet in vinegar, then putting vick's on my toes & after a few weeks it just seemed to be getting worse. I broke down & bought this stuff~ paid almost $30 at a local chain store pharmacy and started using it 2x/ day religiously and after the first week I started scraping like directions indicated. I didn't cut the nails but filed them down a little bit and just kept doing this every few days. I've been using it now for about 4-5 weeks and all my toe nails look 100% better. It's not gone completely but I still have over half a bottle left so I plan to continue using it. You have to file the top of the toe nail surface and use a tool to scrape out the debris from under the nail, gently and just a little at a time in order for it to work. If you just apply the gel & do nothing else, it doesn't just go away. The gel helps to soften the stuff under the nail so it can be scraped out easily. My toe nails are almost rid if the brownish streaks completely and have a nice white color to them now.