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  • Walter Krutzfeldt - Raymond L. Weil did it again!

    One of the best books so far in the series, I couldn't put this book down as I couldn't wait to see what Admiral Strong would do next to save his fleet or his home.

  • Hannah B - These pens make me feel like a real woman

    These are so great. Not only can I write recipes and outfit ideas with absolute ease, they even let me know when I'm getting too ambitious. Like I started to write a letter to my representatives in congress about my unequal wage at work, but my pen quickly reminded me- I'm a woman! Silly me! My opinion won't matter to a congressMAN. Thanks bic, no other pen could silence my silly opinions the way yours does. Not to mention, gender inequality stings so much less in pastel pink.

  • Jessica - My husband and I love rechargeable batteries and this charger is perfect

    My husband and I love rechargeable batteries and this charger is perfect! We always like going with Energizer chargers as we have had no issues with them. We have had our one for years without any issue!

  • John Malkovich - Page turner

    Page turner. What a phenomenally good book. Cuts to the core. No nonsense, very well written. The author spares you the drama, emphasis and metaphors in his writing style and gives you the play by play account of what happened to these guys. The story and the crude details are enough to make for a fascinating adventure that does not need further dramatization or embellishments.

  • ozlady913 - Very entertaining to watch, but not practicle to use

    Several years ago, when the Robot Roomba first came out, I was told by several people that it really isn't a very good product - that it was more gimmicky than useful. That was several years ago, based on the reviews, I thought they had vastly improved the Roomba. What a great concept! I bought the 770 version with the idea that it would pick up the bird-seed shells on a tile floor. Unfortunately, it just throws the seed shells around the room and makes a bigger mess. I moved it to the living room but I didn't see that it was picking up even the smallest things. I changed the filters and the brush, but this didn't help. I recommend that you save your money, I think the idea is great, but the product just isn't there yet. I hope this review helps.

  • Sleeper - Great - What A Time Saver!

    I was really un-sure at first about this software because I have been using XP software and Quicken 2004 and I was afraid I would loose all my data when I switched over. NO NEED TO WORRY! When I started the software it asked me a few questions then proceeded to download my info back to the first of the year. Now I figured out that I do not have to enter anything. Every time it is started it will download my transactions then all I need to do is verify the download. Perfect because if I lose a receipt it will find the transaction for me and automatically enter it to the correct account!

  • James - not very effective.

    It doesn't seem to work that well. The mice will avoid the packs directly, but it doesn't cover a large area. I see mouse droppings just about a foot away from the pack. It would probably work better in larger quantities. I live in a big city and I feel like the mice here learn how to adapt to their environment. They are smart and know how to avoid traps and danger. It is probably a good idea to use different products every few months. I will try using pure peppermint oil together with these packs.