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  • Jennifer Anderson - Best Hair Investment... Period.

    This tool is a godsend. I've only touched my flat iron once, since purchasing this item. I've also put this puppy through the ringer. I've even used it on my hair after having it up the night before where my hair had air dried from a wet up do with plenty of product to give that natural curly look. It stood up to the test and even produced better results with the presence of the previous product. Surprised as even the instructional booklet explained that clean hair works best.

  • jessand - Loyal Quicken User since it's inception...but...

    I've been working software for years in my profession and OMGosh, I started reading these reviews and COMPLETELY AGREE that we are the beta testers!!! I mean not even in the DoD do we do that to our customers (and heck, they don't pay!!), so WHY are we having to deal with these issues??!!

  • Andrew - BUYER BEWARE

    Outstanding product, but if you are using a Triple Paste jar labeled 10 oz, this 16 oz container may be the same exact size. We bought this thinking it would be much larger than our last container of Triple Paste which was labeled "NET WT. 10 oz." When we received the NET WT. 16 oz. container from it was the same exact size. I measured the VOLUME of the container and it is actually 10 FLUID ounces (FLUID ounces measure volume and are different than ounces measuring WEIGHT ...unless you are measuring water or something with the same density as water then it is very close, but I digress). Our previous container may have been mislabeled. It probably should have been labeled either "10 FLUID oz." -or- "NET WT. 16 oz." to match the label on the Triple Paste from Amazon. Bottom line, don't expect to get a larger jar if you are already using a jar labeled 10 oz.

  • Danny L Turner II - Awesome item

    We purchased this since my 3 year old kept peeing on the toilet seat and the wood was warping making it hard to sit and s***.

  • Julie Holland - Great for toddlers who hate having their nails cut!

    This is the only thing my toddler will allow me to use to cut his fingernails. Works great and eases my mind about cutting his little fingers.

  • Dana S - Best purchase I have made

    This backpack is taken where ever I go. Enough room for an entire weekend worth of clothing and more. Lots of pockets that are actually functional.

  • Douglas E. Pritchard - THE CLASSIC ONE!

    This is the definitive version of Dicken's book. Sim is fabulous as Scrooge. You feel the passion of his performace as you wend your way through. His Scrooge as well as the spirits helps set the proper mood for every Christmas season. I consider it a special treat to watch this every year. Before I had it on tape I used to watch the tv listings to see which station it would be on so I could make sure to see it. I would not do anything else while this was on. Just watched it again. Never get tired of it. This is the number one holiday movie.