City X-Ray | Best Diagnostic Tests Center in Delhi - City X-Ray & Scan Clinic is a diagnostic center providing routine and specialized diagnostic investigations and routine Cardiology.

  • City X-Ray | Diagnostic Laboratory | Advanced Ultrasound Clinic - We offers complete range of diagnostic investigations along with variety of amenities to make you feel as comfortable as possible. We always ahead with Technology
  • City X-Ray | Open MRI in Delhi | Radiology Diagnosis Center - ‘City X-Ray & Scan Clinic’ provides diagnostic investigations, in Radiology which includes tests like:- 3 Tesla Open Bore MRI test, X RAY , BMD & many more.
  • City X-Ray | Coronary CT Angiography Scan Clinic in Delhi - we have most advanced "Multi Slice Spiral CT Scanner" the fastest machine in the industry for angiography. This machine is best for Cardiac Scans.

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