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  • Tina - first time user experience

    The product is fine, my experience in ordering was not. I ordered well in advance for dome reason my payment did not get processed and I was not notigied of the problem. So I was down to the wire had cancel the order after the paument finally was processed. Reorder and pay extra for express shipping. Not happy at all in spending extra money!!

  • RobPlease - It's okay

    This worked well for a while. I'm not sure how strong the formula actually was. The toner (step 2) would sometimes hurt if you got it on the actual breakouts. Also I'm pretty sure that step 3, whatever it is, made me breakout even more. I ended up just using the wash and the step 4 stuff at night. Also if you want to use the whole system as intended make sure you have cotton balls or pads for the toner (step 2).

  • Amzon Comsuter - TERRIBLE MOVIE

    This movie was terrible. The acting was horrible the special effects are OK but the storyline just doesn't fit it's been too many years since the first Independence Day don't waste your time on this. The first one was much much much better than this crap don't waste your time or money. Wasn't even worth the money I paid to rent it. BOTTEM LINE IT'S A BORNG MOVIE

  • NiceNative - I question the negatives. Check my positive review.

    I read many of the positive and negative reviews before deciding to purchase a Navigator. I was particularly concerned about the reported poor warrantee service and the "exclusions and exceptions" in the warranty also concerned me. "Non-durable parts including, without limitation, filters, brushes and electrical parts which require replacement are specifically excluded from warrantee." The filters I understand but what about the (replaceable) brushes and electrical parts? I checked the Shark website for the available parts for the Navigator and did not find a brush for the power-head or any "electrical parts" So I called the Shark help-line to clarify. I had a good discussion with a very pleasant and knowledgeable lady. The bottom line: The exceptions clause is a general statement and the "brushes" referred to would be the brush tool. The "beater brush" in the power-head is not replaceable and therefor is covered. There are no "electrical parts" that are replaceable. To replace the beater brush or any other part that fails requires the returning of the entire vacuum (why not just the power-head for the beater brush?) via a PRE-PAID, return, shipping label that would be provided. A check for $16.99 must be included to pay for return shipping. So, the way that I understand it, any legitimate repair will only cost a total $16.99. Sounds good to me. Of course the "proof of the puddin' is in the eatin'".